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I thought it was cool, but dull. The symbolism was very on the nose too, all their money comes from a drug deal and it's stuffed inside a tank full of gasoline painted like the American flag which eventually blows up...

Nicholson's the obvious highlight, both in terms of his performance and his character. He's got one foot in the old world, one in the new. The fact he's the one who gets beaten to death by the locals is interesting. They seem to single him out for some reason despite his being a southerner and the least hippyish of the three. Maybe it was just a case of him not being as essential to the story, so he was the one to go.

One thing which bothered me was the contention that the rural people were threatened by how free they were. I don't necessarily doubt that, but I wasn't sold on them just shooting people for having long hair or whatever. It felt like they conjured an enemy for the sake of the story.


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Speaking of on the nose symbolism Barty was just pissing himself laughing over a trump voting cop being beaten to death with American flags the other day.


Who loves ya, baby?
How about that guy who was killed and had his gun seized wearing a shirt which read "I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands"?


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It does all seem unreal doesn't it? One might even say a false flag psyop designed to discredit trumpism by staging a banana peel slip on the world stage


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The Olde Dissensus top 10

The Shining
Liquid Sky
Some Haneke film most likely Hidden but probably Time of the Wolf or 7th Continent would do
Modulations, the boring documentary about electronic music
Radio On
Robinson at Large Again
Children of Men the boring documentary featuring electronic music
A documentary about The Shining
The Shining

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