Censorship, Surveillance & Apathy

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Prepare yourself to be recognised at the next gig you go to

"Using software provided by IBM that utilized existing security cameras throughout the area, the city tracked the thousands of attendees at the concert and in the vicinity, and filtered their appearance into data points which could then be cross-checked against certain identifying characteristics"

Slides provided to me by the Dig's Chris Faraone show how the system was meant to work, with the software capable of distinguishing people by such characteristics as baldness, eyeglasses, skin tone, torso texture, and beards which, considering this was an indie rock concert may have overloaded their servers.



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the wests method of privatising censorship so you can then disavow it (its just the terms of conditions of twitter if you dont like it make
your own twitter etc) is looking quite cute
A patchwork of censorships.


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How to Block a Surveillance Camera: A DIY Art Tutorial from Ai Weiwei

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