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I worry about the roadmen. How do they conduct business, or has nothing much changed for the fraternity on road?


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ie how has the pandemic distorted or undermined wealth signals. Obviously poor people feel acute effects but for those with disposable income and accumulating savings....
yes i think it's true that we've become a bit estranged from the functions of money in this way.

both the function but also the conditions of money are being unmoored as well, it seems, and sort of presented as a political reality. whether everyone gets 600 or 1400 or 2000 dollars sent to them becomes a political question and what are the implication of witnessing that?
That’s a reason to suspend judgment because there’ll be all kinds of unforeseen consequences plus there’s always $$ to be made from any instability and disruption. Always a way to game things from a morally disinterested position

What’s this all got to do with pandemic is my vague question


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We've already been over this, it was a public lecture at Goldsmiths where one of Mark's PhD students started harping on about building palaces made of gold for the working classes by tearing down the capitalist system.

If I may not all be a little Scrutonite, I was so offended at you even entertaining the possibility of attending a goldsmiths lecture. You should have been with us in Grimzby taking 10 tabs of lsd every weekend whilst reading capital vol III to a soundtrack of 90s cologne acid.


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No this idea of separation between spirituality and economy is flawed and leads to all manner of evil. It splits the whole, ask @thirdform.

if I wanted to engage in stock trading I'd first look at setting up a protection racket. Guns, prostitution, drugs. In Turkey we are familiar with such things. In England real roadman do not exist. Now study what I said before tagging me.

Also real drug kingpins are ultra conservative and forget not getting high on their own supply, they will kill their sons and daughters for dating the wrong people. n00bs.


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yeah, GameStop stock down 50% at midday. Wall Street has its own Deep State.
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liked this bit...

"The gall of r/WallStreetBets in this regard has captivated the internet for the last few days. They have shone a giant light on economic superstition and, in the process, lifted the lid on hyperstition. But they have done so without hiding their hand. They have humiliated the game by bending its rules in plain sight. The problem — for hedge funders, if no-one else — is that they risk both the system and their own investments in the process.

The rest of the internet has cottoned on. What do you mean you can just collectively will stocks to increase? Like chanting for capital actually works? The unbelief of economists in market dynamics has been revealed to be precisely that — not so much belief as such, but a cynical form of occulted belief that nonetheless produces measurable effects."


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what do you mean?

It's like your original idea, but on 55gsm broadsheet size paper, Salmon pink.

The financial Times, but dick jokes and trip reports.
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