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When the subprime mortgage crisis forced foreclosure for lots of home owners, Wall Street was all "hey, it's the free market, investments have risks". When GameStop happens, they're all "shut those small investors down, we need regulations to protect us."
They all go running to the state when the invisible hand gives them the finger.
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But only cos I have no idea what's going on. I just want to be rich so I can retire at 36.

I am legit concerned that I'm being a total sap right now by not jumping on this bandwagon.
me too and sometimes i wish i would not spend so much time on the internet or reading the news so that i would just not know about stuff like this. i envy my friends who never heard of a bitcoin or don't know what a robin hood wallstreet bet reddit is.


Really... this is not good is it? It's not right.
Reminds me of casinos where you are allowed to play and lose but if you play well and win they can call it cheating and ban you.
Or insurance companies that are allowed to refuse to insure stuff that is actually at risk.


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If you own stocks in (say) game spot and they dip to being worth minus 10 million dollars does that effect your actual balance or is it all notional until you choose to sell it?

Does it just mean that you lose what you initially invested? (Because the stocks aren't worth shit.)


Third once told me, completely out of the blue in the middle of a discussion on who was the best bassline DJ out of Jamie Duggan and Shaun “Banger” Scott, that his cousins and uncles are involved in the procurement, transit and onward sale of Eastern European teenagers into prostitution rings in Istanbul and Ankara. I didn’t quite know how to react to this information, but I stressed to him that I found such behaviour absolutely abhorrent, to which he started banging on about white Western males having no libidinal energy (Third was into this stuff way before Shiels) and that Western women have always preferred Turkish men. I haven’t spoken to him since.

Sadly, I guess this proves Third’s point.
Just to be one hundred percent sure I'm reading this correctly - Third Form claimed that HIS OWN family is involved in sex trafficking and justified it by via the libidinal energy of the Turkish male?