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I know he's a professional athlete and supposed to have a ridiculous worth ethic, but very few people can maintain this in their mid 30s.

That... doesn't seem normal.
Genetic doping was supposed to be big by now wasn't it? In 2012 there was a Chinese swimmer who was about 14 years old and beat everyone by miles and they were kinda dancing around saying that they basically thought she had been built in a lab. Dunno what happened next though.


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I assume this is what Ronaldo's been doing. There were a bunch of reports going round when he signed for Juventus and they did his physical that he "had the body of a man in his early 20s" despite being in his mid 30s. It could just be marketing, but he still plays brilliantly and seems absurdly athletic for a player of his age.
Yeah I feel like there's been a ton of speculation about Lebron too. For his age, to not be getting injured regularly, to still be at peak performance.


My take on drug use in footie is; the incentives to cheat are enormous and the testing regime is minimal - what do you reckon?
I mean Messi was allowed that growth hormone and now he earns 150m a year. That's it in a nutshell.


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If the English took drugs like everybody else we'd win every World Cup from now till the End of Time
On 5 July 2006, Fuentes was indignant that only cyclists had been named and said he also worked with tennis and football players.[2] On 27 July 2006, IAAF was assured by Spanish prosecutors that no track and field athletes were involved.[58] On 23 September 2006, former cyclist Jesús Manzano told reporters from France 3 that he had seen "well-known footballers" from La Liga visit the offices of Dr Fuentes.[59]

In May 2007 Sepp Blatter, president of FIFA, at a World Anti-Doping Agency meeting in Montreal, was reportedly interested in the contents "of the Puerto file".[60] Le Monde had reported in December 2006 that they had possession of documents of Fuentes detailing "seasonal preparation plans" for Spanish football clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. These plans did not specifically name any players.[61] No other athletes had been named.
I remember hearing a story about someone involved telling someone else that if they thoroughly investigated this stuff then they'd have to take the World Cup off Spain.

As much as I love that Barcelona team, I wouldn't be surprised if they were doping. That high press they played with was almost superhuman. Also Messi was quite injury-prone until Pep arrived then he never seemed to get injured.
Also Messi was quite injury-prone until Pep arrived then he never seemed to get injured.
Anyone remember the fuss over Ronaldo's knee during the 2014 World Cup? Supposedly it was completely wrecked and he was an injury away from having his career cut short. That was seven years ago and apparently he's still playing with it... Allegedly, it is getting worse, but still... It's a remarkable recovery to go from blowing out your knee at 29 to leaping like an NBA player at 36...