The Elon Musk Thread


It is interesting.... but I find that whole passage profoundly depressing. It's like with Mark Wahlberg and his gym routine that involves getting up at four am every day to work out for four hours or whatever it was. There must be more to life than this.... especially for these gilded elite, mustn't there?


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Up , down , up down - EM has a cool 2 billion coming in from NASA.
The switch from paying Vlad Putin to fly people up to the Space Station to having Space X do it ?
Priceless and i wish it all well.
No one likes to see those giant silver tubes of fuel just go up ...and explode.

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I get the feeling the sentiment in the second tweet is "Gates is a dorky nerd who looks like his mum still cuts his hair and chooses his clothes, whereas Musk is a rad sweet dudebro who smokes weed and is into, like, aliens and shit."