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There’s not much difference between a cigarette and a roll up is there.

Just play the fucking thing. Give it your full attention one night or morning or whenever’s clever for your itinerary, then proceed to “oh noes, this is much much worse”. Etc etc. Or push your fingers in your ears and give it the full “nope still can’t hear you”.



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The mix is 27years old and reflects that short space of time between his Housier outings and Two Lone Swordsmen output, plenty of time to digest what you want to take away from it, or not.
this sounds to me a bit like "yes it is dated you're right but i still like it"


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Dated is different to labelling it trip hop, which was your original point. Like any mix, there are tracks I prefer over other bits, but that’s always the case listening to the musical curation of others. Surprised to see the trip hop tag. Lord Sabre was never that wank.

Anything beyond a certain timeframe can be labelled dated. The shit I had this morning is now dated. Why not go for something more nuanced and less pejorative in your own descriptions/understanding and I’ll get back to you.


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Weird year all round. Tesco was positively seething earlier. People red faced at the checkout.

Why didn’t you reach for Weatherall? Because i did a cannabis instead 🎧


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They were much better in the olden days. They must be Ancient now though if they were making tunes in '89.


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They've been going for about 33 years, so they're probably pushing 50 by now. They've both gone grey.