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Shameless self-promotion... well sort of, I dunno. This is the first mix that we did together as Invisible Sounds (in fact we were Invisible City then) and listening back to it more than five years later is quite interesting, for me anyhow, if not for you. It feels as though - for better or worse - our sound has really been defined by what we put on this mix, as a rule we have generally stuck to the same parameters and concentrated on a mixture of darker types of "dance" music along with some grimy rockier stuff that, in my head at least, comes from the same place. I'm struggling now to think about whether that came about by accident or design but I really can't remember.

Some of the mixing on this set is, er, a little bit rough to say the least. And while there are a few bits that I wince when I hear and think "why didn't I edit that out?" it's also true to recognise that I'm never going to be someone who can seamlessly mix tune after tune all night and never put a single beat out of place. In other words, a few bits that are, to say the least "very raw" are always gonna be part of our "style" so it's only right that they were recorded for posterity on our first ever mix. Basically with respect to that aspect of making mixes my job is not gonna be doing long smooth mixes or showing off any technical skills, rather it boils down to something more like trying to make sure that as much of possible of the beatmatching is good enough to fit into the box that could fairly be called "rough and ready" and doesn't cross right over into simply being "completely wrong and out of time".

Anyway, seems the mix was seven years ago. When I made it I had no idea that in 2022 we would still be just about talking to each other and living in Portugal but there it is. Would be nice to get it over 1000 listens anyhow. Or hear what any of you lot think of it if anything.

Edit: I put together a tracklist with a bit of help from Shazam and some searching through the shelves.

  1. Unknown Artist - FX track from album Space Invaders - Sound Effects From a Fantasy Space Mission
  2. Psychic TV - Paris
  3. Narcotic Syntax - Romantic Infinity
  4. Gatekeeper - Chains
  5. Dirty Beaches - Mirage Hall
  6. Scorpion Violente - Rome Violente
  7. White Fence - The Love Between
  8. Fat White Family - Touch The Leather
  9. Baris K - The 200
  10. DAF - Der Rauber und Der Prinz
  11. Cosmetics - Sleepwalking
  12. Lydia Lunch and Die Haut - Der Karabische Western
  13. Dave Ball - Man in the Man
  14. Drift - Go Commando
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Cheers Leo. I hope that that post is not too self-regarding. I totally understand that something that, in a nutshell, could be described as "the history of me and Liza in our role as a not especially successful pair of part-time djs" might have limited interest to most people... but it's also totally harmless and - I should probably have said this bit more explicitly and forcefully in the previous comment - l genuinely think that it's a decent mix that many might enjoy and which does fit in this thread on merit (as far as I'm any judge).


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love that DAF track. they're known for their sweaty, repetitive sex beats, and then they have this that reminds me of a children's nursery rhyme.


Yeah it's a great tune and it is like a nursery rhyme but to me quite a creepy one. The nightmarish feel of toytown psychedelia or the bits in the chocolate factory where the Oompa-Loompas turn up and drag away the misbehaving kids for reconditioning.
I love DAF. Probably said before but you can buy countless compilations of new beat and NDW and EBM filled with bands who bashed out one single - and lately (well last ten years or so) there has been a huge glut of that kind of stuff with just more and more compilations of tape only releases etc And fair play to those digging all this out, especially when it's not just diminishing returns and the unknown rarities that they unearth are genuine bangers... but to me, the bands that were proper bands with faces and personalities and who did a variety of different stuff are the real heroes I guess. And DAF are amongst the very best of those... cos yeah, as well as Der Mussolini etc you got ones like the Robber and the Prince but also things like Brothers which is kinda I dunno, prroto-house or something. Whatever it is, it's genuinely touching, not just a pulsing leather clad dance tool.

And this solo one from Robert Gorl... I guess they had a sentimental side to them

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