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Nice listen but i cant help feeling the moment for this music has passed a bit. Like its not moved on much, but good to see them still going and playing out a lot etc.

On their blog they have links for artwork and posters ahead of their music lol

I think marcio matos used to post on an old board that luka used to post on, ilm or ilxor or something. I found a conversation between them, where luka was explaining to him how grime works and the socio-economic issues involved. Not joking. Luka invented this music i suppose you could say.


Oh yeah that is true. There were a lot of professional critics who wanted to milk me then. Who was another one? One that writes about techno a lot. Nice American man. Then there was sasha freer Jones who sent me some NY rap mix tapes. Luc Sante who sent me a couple of emails. Everyone wanted to know about grime that year. It was fun. I was the only person in the world they could ask.


Id say I made grime. I'm not really made am I so don't see what grime would be taking credit for.


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annoyingly i actually invented uk drill in 2012 by making jungle with 808's at 140 bpm, but i thought it was a nerd thing and didn't unleash it on to the world. i could have been carns hill for fuck's sake.


Where is Corpsey? Haven't seen him at all this year. I really miss him. Craner said version and Corpsey are 'the social lubricant'