things you are surprised you can remember


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The days before you'd find children occupying seats on full buses while grown-ups were left to stand

Non-bilingual signs in Wales



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Bomb sites in London
Smoking on buses/trains/tubes
Pound notes

i remember being able to smoke on airplanes! the smoking section was in the back of the plane, so there was always a row of unfortunate travelers who had the start of the smoking row directly behind them.

also remember getting pretty decent food on flights, full hot meals. and little-to-no airport security, just check in at the ticket counter and walk to your gate (maybe have to show your ticket to someone upon entering the gate area at bigger airports but no metal detectors).
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Darned cockwombles.
I vaguely remember as a kid being on a transatlantic flight with smoking in the late 80s - even at that age I knew there was something desparately wrong about the situation. Makes flying today look blissful.

had some amazingly good food on flights recently though, totally depends on airline

channel 4 being considered genuinely subversive.
proper actual street party for 1981 royal wedding


Beast of Burden
I remember when smoking wasn't considered a sin, people were so relaxed in those days.


Beast of Burden
The days before gluton-free diets, when everybody seemed to be quite healthy and yet they consumed bread. Amazing.


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- black and white TVs
- 3 TV channels (ample IMHO)
- although this was pretty recent: life before mobile phones
- steam trains (only jokin)


Beast of Burden
I still had a black and white TV in my kitchen in 2005. It was still possible to get the discounted licence in those days.

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please

Shilling coins being used interchangeably with the old big 10ps.

50p coins that were so huge they probably got used as murder weapons in prison.