Nokuit - Patterns of Instability - OUT TODAY

Edition of 100 C45 White Cassette
4 Panel double-sided J-card Artwork


"..Swirling drones become a sonic lens which drifts and roams through the currents and threads within the contemporary landscape. Mingling amongst the town square demonstration, flipped upside down through the cameras into the news media rooms and editing suites, dragged up into helicopters looking down into streets and homes, then bounced across the globe by satellites floating in the atmosphere. Spam bots and malware, encryption data, analysis of YouTube uploads and text messages.."

Available now at WANNAMARCHI.CLUB: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/patterns-of-instability

Will soon also be available at:

TESCO (Germany)
Boomkat (UK)
Forced Exposure (USA)
Waltz (Japan)
+ more to come..


Ravenmaster - In Memoriam
Edition of 50
Pro-dubbed C11 clear cassette
Poppy Appeal lapel inc.

In Memoriam is an elegy for those lost to the great wars of the past as well as present day victims of increasingly obscured and convoluted conflict.

Listen/purchase at wannamarchi.club: https://goo.gl/s8Pj1N.


The second episode of CLEAR CHANNEL, the new monthly wannamarchi.club show on CAMP Radio is now available to stream/download.


Popol Vuh - On The Way (Spalax)
Deathprod - Treetop Drive 3 (Smalltown Supersound)
Saturn and the Sun - The Central, Sick and Forbidden (iDEAL Recordings)
Non - Fire In The Organism (Mute)
Boëthius - Marble Floors (Unreleased)
Verge - Transient (Avian)
Marcus Fjellström - Something Comes From Nothing (Miasmah)
Phurpa - Puja Offering and Praises (Ideologic Organ)
Robert Turman & Aaron Dilloway - Untitled (Fabrica)
Radiante Pourpre - II (Antinote)
Coil - The Golden Section (Threshold House)
Ravenmaster - Poppy Appeal (Broken Britain Cassettes)
Drew McDowall - Convulse (Dais)
Black Zone Myth Chant - Orbit Slut (Editions Gravats)
SHALT - Hypermalthusian (Astral Plane Recordings)
Psychic TV - Part IV (Cold Spring)
Mike Cooper - The Ordeal (Sacred Summits)
Evan Albam - Begotten (Worthless Recordings)
Angel Dust - Excavatum (Dinzu Artefacts)
Michael Abels - Surgery Prep (Back Lot Music)
Nokuit - Patterns Of Instability (NKT)
Cristobal Tapia De Veer - Standing Dead (Death Waltz Recording Company)
Dead Can Dance - Dawn Of The Iconoclast (4AD)
Scuba Death - Mortality Salience (Further Records)
Arca - Immortal (Not on label)
British Murder Boys - First (Downwards)
Ron Morelli - Cross Waters (Hospital Productions)
Ray Harman - Vision (Not on label)

The third instalment of Clear Channel is now available to stream/download.


Vatican Shadow - Desert Storm (Waco) (Hospital Productions)
The Chi Factory - The Bamboo Recordings (Astral Industries)
Oliver Coates - Memorial to Hitchens (Prah Recordings)
Ataraxia - Sorcerer (RCA)
Rollo Smallcombe - Inferno (unreleased)
Electric Sewer Age - Moon’s Milk (Waning) (Soleilmoon Recordings)
Rabit - Possessed (Halcyon Veil)
Geinoh Yamashirogumi - Requiem (Milan)
Dao De Noize - Droning Voices From the Past (Lamour)
Death In June - Death of a Man (NER)
Nokuit - Patterns of Instability I (NKT)
Frans Zwartjes - Living (Not on label)
J.G. Biberkopf - Spirit (Knives)
Memotone - Ritual (Black Acre)
Abel Korzeniowski - Exhibition (Back Lot Music)
Fis - Sub Larynx (Loopy)
Jed Kurzel - The Med Bay (Milan)
3.14 - Ironas (Autumn Equinox Edition)
Horoscope - Azabache Necklace Brought to Protect My Daughter (Wharf Cat Records)
Clint Mansell - Waves Crashing on Distant Shores of Time (Lakeshore Records)
Himukalt - Repairing Her Own Space (Angst Records)
Cyclobe - We’ll Witness the Resurrection of Dead Butterflies (Three Moons) (Phantomcode)
Gagarin Kombinaatti - Survos (Sahko Recordings)
Killing Sound - Eight Methods (Blackest Ever Black)
Abigail Mead - Sniper (Warner Bros. Records)
Thomas Nöla et son Orchestre ft. Douglas P. - The Constables (Caciocavallo)
Jason Lescalleet - Nice Ass (Glistening Examples)
Christophe Guiraud - A B E L (Sub Rosa)
Undweld - False Mirages (Perfect Aesthetics)
Dedekind Cut - So Far, So Good (Ninja Tune)

Clear Channel IV now up for streaming and download.


Orior - Hollow VI (DDS)
Ka Baird - Oneiric (Drag City)
Kailin - Chatter (Mistry)
Alejandro Jodorowsky - Rainbow Room (ABKCO)
Paul Kelday - Self-Induced Chemical Delusion (Alan Jenkins)
Zero Kama - Atavism Dream (Nekrophile Rekords)
Nocturnal Emissions - Untitled 4 (Earthly Delights)
Sickness of Snakes - The Swelling of Leeches (Soleilmoon Recordings)
László Hortobágyi - Mirage 88’ (Novum Organum)
Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange - Falling (Psychic Sounds)
Band Of Pain - Sacred Flesh (Cold Spring)
Bruce Ditmas - Reparto Tortura (Finders Keepers)
Eaves - Agafia (PTP)
S S S S - Just Dead Stairs For Dead Eyes. Pt. II (Hollow Ground)
Alex Menzies - Out of Darkness (OWM)
Robert Aiki, Aubrey Lowe, Ariel Kalma - Mille Voix (Optimo Music)
Maxwell Sterling - Hollywood Medieval (The Death of Rave)
Dean Hurley - Electricity I (Sacred Bones)
Neugeborene Nachtmusik - Last Day Of Winter (Enfant Terrible)
Core - Meander (CoC)
Raison D’être - Ordeal in Chapel (Old Europa Cafe)
Boëthius - Velvet High Heels (unreleased)
Herbst 9 - Bloodmoon Ritual (Loki Foundation)
Sarah Davanchi - Flowers and Other Voiceless Things (Constellation Tatsu)
Current 93 - LAShTAL (L.A.Y.L.A.H. Antirecords)
Horrific Child - H.I.A. (Eurodisc)
Księżyc - Zakopana (OBUH)
Vladimír Hirsch - Catharsis (Ending) (CatchArrow Recordings)
Anthony Child - Over Napoli (Downwards)
Carlo Ascrizzi - Untitled (unreleased)

+ JANUARY SALE still on: http://wannamarchi.club/

Out this Friday on Cassette + Digital

The Shaman - older than Christ - survives an endless winter of over two millennia as if preserved in permafrost like the mammoths and prehistoric horses littering the bowels of his mother Siberia.
The Shaman - named ‘the priest of the devil’ by dutch explorers - endures the horror of the Soviet labour camps. He has access to the Axis and inhabits more worlds than one.

NKT presents The Inner Empire, the new work from Siberian trio presidiomodelo where misty atmospheres are infused with a murky, industrial aesthetic. Following previous NKT investigations into inner conflict and alienation, The Inner Empire is a meditation on themes of self confinement and interior exile. Originally composed for theatre, here revisited to include the full original recordings, presidiomodelo ’s release is an evocative thirty minute journey that burrows deep like the diamond mines.

Rumbling synths oscillate amongst delicate beds of chimes whilst ghostly chants and guttural tones vibrate around the sound of handmade instruments and hypnotic drums, all immersed into the humid Siberian forest.
The soundtrack drifts unbroken throughout sections as if shifting through different thresholds of consciousness, dilating time and projecting images of ancient scenes and archaic practices.
The Inner Empire also reflects the feeling of mismatch between private and public persona in the modern world. It carries a primordial sense of imprisonment and inescapability, a familiar yet inaccessible inner empire.

PRE-ORDER NOW: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/the-inner-empire



WANNAMARCHI.CLUB presents SUMMER EXPO 2018, a 30 minute mixtape of forthcoming material from a multinational cabal of artists. With twenty tracks in as many styles, there is something here for everyone to dislike.

This conglomeration of wannamarchi.club, Broken Britain Cassettes and NKT affiliates includes luminaries such as Coil collaborator and Alabama 3 member Orlando Harrison, ethnomusic legend Roberto Musci, a menagerie of emerging artists as well as renegade outsiders coaxed out of the shadows for their recording debuts. The reaches of this international network knows no bounds.

August is a wicked month but this Summer shall burn forever!



Listen/Buy: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/summer-expo-2018

[Calling Wanna]
Boëthius - A Crisis that is Existential
Orlando Harrison - Wrong Planet
Deeds - Born
Bernard Baum - Snore (Vocal Mix)
Wanna - Submissive
Cabasa - Submerse
Roberto Musci - Astolfo on the Moon
Boëthius - Marble Floors
La Santa - Untitled
Future Us - Sea Waltz
Bennett - OMO
Orlando Harrison - Gudrun Ennslin
Nokuit - Untitled
Cruel Diagonals - Abnegation of Self
Deeds - Magic of Video
schuttle - Rainbird Loop
Happy Romak - Modified Cobra
Mick McCarthy - Untitled I
JEO - Cartoon Dreunk


Out Friday 16th of November
PRE-ORDER: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/pax-mafiosa

CALABRIA, Southern Italy — a landscape of unmarked graves hidden by abandoned construction sites left as monuments to a corrupt state; a code of silence masking a culture of extreme cruelty; age-old folk traditions and occulted religious rites which refuse to acknowledge the passing of time; the secret brotherhoods; the holy bloodline and birthplace of the ‘Ndrangheta - part business, part religious order and part ancient military, now one of the most powerful organised crime groups in the world.

Broken Britain Cassettes inaugurates its World Service imprint with Pax Mafiosa, the first dispatch from La Santa, a native Calabrese, who delivers a concoction of ceremonial death chants, phone tappings and initiation rituals. Based around collaged samples from an inherited record collection, Pax Mafiosa invokes visceral fear and spiritual ecstasy with biting electronics and harrowing field recordings.

In Calabria the sacred and the profane are not mutually exclusive. The name ‘La Santa’ refers to both the Virgin Mary and the highest, most secretive level of The ‘Ndrangheta, a secret society within a secret society which links the top bosses with freemasons and extremist terror organisations. Pax Mafiosa is a sonic mapping of this dysfunctional marriage of mafia and religion.

wannamarchi.club radio show with a guest mix by La Santa featuring music that inspired the release: https://soundcloud.com/wannamarchi-club/199radio-3rd-november-2018-with-la-santa

PRE-ORDER PAX MAFIOSA: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/pax-mafiosa

Broken Britain Cassettes & wannamarchi.club present: La Santa album launch

The Glove That Fits 179 Morning Lane, London, E96LH
Thurs 15 Nov 2018 8pm-1am FREE ENTRY

LA SANTA International Live Debut
with DJs
IMPERIAL LEATHER (Broken Britain Cassettes)

Resident Advisor / Facebook


SUMMER EXPO 2019 IS OUT FRIDAY 30th AUGUST - PRE-ORDER NOW: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/summer-expo-2019

WANNAMARCHI.CLUB is back with the annual SUMMER EXPO™, a mixtape of upcoming material from a worldwide network of affiliates. With over 40 previously unheard tracks by 30 artists, there is something here for everyone to dislike.

wannamarchi.club's global stranglehold is tightening (her fingers grip the earth like tendrils), with a line-up of international recruits made up of repeat offenders and newly flipped agents - their individual transmissions cut up and reconfigured into this most devastating of corporate manifestos.

Pour yourself a long glass of washing up liquid and let yourself be consumed by the sweet sounds of the Summer Expo™, the most explosive exposé since the Panama Papers.



Listen/Buy: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/summer-expo-2019


[Calling Wanna]
Boëthius - I Don’t
FLUQS - fluqs
Couronne de Merde - ﻝﻮﺠﺘﻟﺍ ﺮﻈﺣ ﻝﻼﺧ
111 - whirring (Boëthius rework)
Racine - Tout a brûlé
Michael Speers - acerbic verae
FLUQS - concrete
Lonsdale Youth - Untitled
Orlando Harrison - Advert
Mick McCarthy - Sad
Couronne de Merde - ﻦﻴﻜﺴﺑ ﻦﻴﻧﻮﺗﻭﺮﻴﺴﻟﺍ
Klaus Die Zeit - The Arcadiator
Franziska Lantz - beamer
Boëthius - Positivity
La Santa - Untitled
Jtamul - In Love (Boëthius strawberry remix)
Energeeka - Et Tegn
Imperial Leather - Time Heals All Things
Several Wives - too hands
Couronne de Merde - ﺀﺍﺭﺩﺯﻻﺍ ﻢﻏﺭ ﺶﻴﻌﺗ
Visionnaire - Wrong
Orlando Harrison - Fucking Fairy Dust
Future Us - Helm Wind
andcl - 0127
Flora Yin-Wong - Elysian
Racine - Heureusement les fleurs
Klaus Die Zeit - J.Jam (Edit)
Bernard Baum - Waiting
BIFFA - Londis
ﺔﻣﺪﺨﻟﺍ ﺝﺭﺎﺧ - The Self
Deeds - Хрусталь в москве
Nokuit - Untitled
Partial Objects - Prugnat
Roberto Musci - Jellyfish
Racine - Avaient achevé de fleurir
presidiomodelo - Герой
Happy Romak - Untitled
Nokuit - Untitled
Sonae - An Episode
Klaus Die Zeit - Sinking
Orlando Harrison - Ether Crash

Orlando Harrison — Tape 313


Orlando Harrison — Tape 313

Out Friday 1st November
PRE-ORDER: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/tape-313
LAUNCH PARTY: https://www.facebook.com/events/433874683915125/

Broken Britain Cassettes present Tape 313, two new works by musician, broadcaster and sound artist Orlando Harrison. Reworkings of long thought lost audio tapes obtained on the premises of Senate House*, Tape 313 interrogates two dissident voices, uncovering hidden meaning and deciphering coded messages.

Stammheim Prison, 1975 — Gudrun Ensslin outlines the political position of the Red Army Faction, eighteen months before her alleged suicide, her voice a ghost in the machinery of the german state. The perpetual revolution of helicopter rotors over the prison house echo the grinding of the wheels of justice below, and the relentless rotation of the swastika at its heart.

Trafalgar Square, 1956 — Nye Bevan delivers a speech attacking Sir Antony Eden’s Conservative government following the seizure of the Suez Canal. Twenty thousand people hear Bevan speak, after which a crowd marches on Downing street. Harrison’s deconstructions transform Bevan’s words into air-borne weapons, soaring over the equestrian bronzes of Nelson’s Column, drowning out the death rattle of the British Empire.

Thought criminal Orlando Harrison is currently serving a life sentence with the Alabama 3. His past collaborators include Stephen Thrower of Coil, Red Crayola, the Amal Gamal Ensemble, Dr Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses, Guapo, and The Daughters of God. He produces and presents the The Wrong Show on Resonance 104.4 FM, and once starred in an advert for Fruit Pastilles.

*Senate House, London — former headquarters of the Ministry of Information, wellspring of British wartime propaganda, model for Orwell’s Ministry of Truth and Greene’s Ministry of Fear, earmarked by Hitler to become Nazi Headquarters after WWII.

PRE-ORDER: https://wannamarchi.bandcamp.com/album/tape-313


The Horse Hospital
Colonnade, WC1N 1JD London, UK
Fri 1st Nov 2019, 7-11pm
£5 entry

The Players...
(Broken Britain Cassettes / Alabama 3)
(Last Dominion Lost / S.P.K)
(Broken Britain Cassettes)
(Broken Britain Cassettes / NKT)