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This over the Rodman montage in The Last Dance was sick. The highlight reels and music choices are probably the best bit.



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Freddie Gibbs / The Alchemist - God is Perfect (2020)

Alchemist doesn't miss. Crazy consistency. His whole life must be spent smoking weed at a sampler.

Plus Gibbs is really going off here for a rapper I sometimes find a bit boring/underwhelming.


call me big papa

Mobb Deep / Cormega - Killaz Theme

Obviously as COTD Thread Founder and Almighty God of Dissensus I'm allowed the occasional indulgence. So indulge me. This track is hidden at the end of Cormega's The Realness, after an interlude of silence. It seems appropriate for a song so dark and threatening to lurk in the shadows, but it deserves some shine (wiki says this is actually on The Testament as an official track too so there ya go...). Havoc produced.


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I'm sure cormega and in fact that album, the realness, are name checked by the unnamed narrator of bbf by babyfather


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not a choon per se, but enjoying this smooth vibe. pretty much detested this sound as a young 'un but love it now.


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2 absolute stunner jams from the deepest end of 80s minimal synths postpunk

yearning, melancholic, wistful. lo-fi analogue electronics over the gentlest avant-funk scratch guitar. very Young Marble Giants (minus Alison).

this one actually makes feel better about terrible things

that utter rarity, an actual poet, expounds on death over Velvet Underground (it's basically "Heroin") minimal wave vamp. perfect.

a bit like No Trend's "Teenage Love" with intellectual detachment and critical self-gaze in place of sneering noise. what a decade, the 80s