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im going to go to work and get more heat stroke then im going to drink myself into a stupur. its going to be greart.


it's on the African section of my endless "things to check out" list but I'd never heard it. bit too jazzmatazz for me tbh. flutes are a tough sell.

there are like, a million insane African records disco/funk/boogie from the mid-70s thru late 80s tho

even more if you count the diaspora stuff through Martinique and the Caribbean - lotta expatriates putting out records in France

it's a huge mainstay of the reissue industrial complex (and its shadier cousin the uncredited edits complex) but there's still tons of obscure stuff

idk I feel like it's not the kinda thing that sparks conversation, would just be me posting a ton of YT vids
that sounds ok to me