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I knew some smartarse would say that.
actually, I'm more curious what the yuppie wine bar house music sounds like, can you describe or post some YouTube links? I think I can probably guess but just want to be sure.


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these are the musics it is permissable to like

4.jungle from the years 93 and 94
5.uk garage from the late 90s
Can't get this list out of my mind and how you forgot grime and priveleged America. Speaks volumes


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and i added grime later before you said i'd forgotten it. it was just a passionate night full of fire and fury and its hard to keep cool and colected under those condirtions


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The backpedalling is only making it worse. Just put your hands up and admit that it's gone from your top 5, then think about why that is and come back with a vision for the future