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I wrote about this recently, Catalog:

I love the swoon and flutter of this one.
yeah i read that piece, and enjoyed it.

After i read it, i listened to the whole of the "here, my dear" album, but then the other night i was listening to this moodymann mix and this particular tune really hit me. But I maybe missed it on your write up - i know you did a spotify playlist as well but i cancelled spotify a while back.

Anyway, the version that moodymann uses is even better than the one i posted here, it sort of zeroes in on the good groove more.

Here's the full thing in case anyone's interested. I suppose it's Motown deep cuts.

Detroit is it really isn't it. So much from there. And it must go back to the car as well. The car is involved, big time.


Found this random ten inch in a box today and it still sounds pretty good (I thought Goblin was the other side, whatever)



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Not the first time I've picked this one, I think I did so recently, but

John Coltrane - Central Park West

Simply absolutely fucking sublime, aching emotional orgasm music, so beautiful so sad so tender and elegiac.

All praises due to @craner for his jazz for jack law playlist


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And it sounds particularly gorgeous on a spring day like this, perhaps the first real spring day of the year!


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i can barely take flamenco sketches

it makes everything else seem so dreary and pedestrian

particularly writing blogs about marketing strategies