why is ambient so popular now


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on a serious note, I see myself very often coming back to releases of elsewhere:


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im quite interseted in the wind down period. where you are so adrenalised that it takes 3 hours to return to a baseline state

Benny B

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I listen to it on headphones to get me off to sleep, but it doesn't really matter what it is. The more unintrusive the better.


Cat Malogen
Work, usually, getting around with ltd time. Feel my pulse, isn’t that incredible, keels over

Seriously, work, techniques for altering time thread, focus in chaos


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last year I built a small catalog of ambient and ambient adjacent albums that I actually like and will listen to reguarly. Ive been back in the mood for it recently so heres a few:

kitsch, bargain bin sounds, accidental vaporwave sounding stuff. this guy composed for tv in the 80's and 90's

a 'pop' ambient album, some of these tunes arent even ambient at all. feel many here will be familiar with her, she was a Wire (the band not mag) collaborator

probably the most traditional pallet with what comes to mind when thinking of a modern ambient album- one that might get picked up by cool kids as opposed to the other ambient base of electronic music fanatics.

this is another one like the westerheimer album where many of the songs are more like atmospheric audio detours then pure ambient but theres alot of interesting ideas and sounds and melodies here

this ones sounds a bit like an ambient album made by a former rock band who now hates rock music. like only the 'weirdest' bits of the ac marias album

just organ.Any one whose droned away on an organ pressing only the white keys knows its very fun and thats what this album is


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these are favs, all from this year, and all from Portugal. great stuff, a slight free jazz element with drifting sax.



bandz ahoy
a frostbitten winter ambient mix to listen to as i cycle around in the snow and try not to brain myself on dry ice