Beast of Burden
I've had this too. A few years ago, my aunt fell badly and cracked her skull open during a family holiday in Montenegro. I was the first one to get to the hospital, which was tiny and poor, and I had to help the nurses get her onto an operating table, undress her, turn her over, etc, whilst they did all the initial. Everybody else had basically gone to pieces, but I managed to switch out of the situation and step in. For that moment, switching off the emotion was very useful.


Beast of Burden
If you've ever encountered police, fire, paramedics doctors etc in an emergency... calm, decisive detachment is their mark of professionalism, its how you tell if they're any good at their job..


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all good until desensitivity becomes meritorious on its own terms and you get all these doctors falling over each other to chime in on how harmless this new virus is