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I told him he was a psycho a couple of weeks ago I said, I've found you out Corpsey under that meek and apologetic exterior there is a heart foul and black with corruptions. You're an evil sadist. And he admitted it. He said yes I get a sick satisfaction out of it. I love hurting people and creatures.


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Sometimes I get the desire to be cruel to other people and it's either because I want them to feel bad or because I want them to have to acknowledge my existence.

I can't do it though in practice, it makes me feel really bad. Although as Luka points out I'm inadvertently or passively cruel to people all the time and I've probably caused more pain in the world than waterboarding.


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It was the way he let out this quick, high pitched laugh, hee! after the word 'creatures' that really sent a chill through me. The stifled titter of a deranged child-like sadist

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They should make it a TV show on Netflix or wherever - seems to me that it lends itself to a 'ghost of the week' format. Maybe they could make it funny but also genuinely scary.

They could get in guest Directors like David Lynch and stuff.


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Yeah I get that too. I think you’re referring to a kind of practiced empathy that gets conflated with sincerity. You are being sincere with your mate there. Most people feel that detachment along with a whole mix of other things, but choose which parts to show. Nobody wants to be pitied do they? Empathy eyebrows and nods. Awwww. In a situation like that id like it if a mate can do the kind thing in an unforced way, and honour that it’s boring, honour that they find me annoying, still do it without congratulating themselves too much.
I read something about this recently where someone was asking people to stop using the word 'empathy' as what they really mean (usually) is feeling the "right" way about things and that feeling that way doesn't necessarily translate to behaving the right way anyway.


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There's a poetix quote somewhere "I've never been very good at empathy because I don't see why the most upset person gets to be right" paraphrase


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Poetix did say that. I've just stumbled across it,
I'm also not that great at skateboarding. Or empathy, if by this one means understanding why the most upset person in the room gets to be right. But I can do two-handed tapping on an electric guitar! Although, to be honest, that was more something to be excited about when I was 16.


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Also, lol, that was in 2009, when I was still married to wife #1, who seemed to be the most upset person in the room basically constantly (and has never stopped running that racket, on anyone who will stand for it)