Being 'into politics '

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actually I guess you could say now journalism is more a balance between doing journalism and generating income streams

especially for journalism that seems like a much more relevant way to put it than "career"

tho "careerism" still fits - increase followers, generate better income streams

I assume there's some kind of Patreon for journalism? not everything can be funded by Jeff Bezos etc


is not like other people
it's not appearing as a story in the "noted" daily paper, it's under her own name as a self-appointed presence, the medium is the message?


Beast of Burden
She's desperate to be Janine di Giovanni. Which is fair enough, why not? But that's what it's all about.


Beast of Burden
She's a famous, glamorous war correspondent. She reported from the Balkans for Vanity Fair, won awards, the whole lot.


Beast of Burden
Anyway, check out Sara Firth's Twitter profile portrait and you can see that's what she's aiming for.

Mr. Tea

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There was a famous female war correspondent who wore an eyepatch, who was that?


Beast of Burden
I took Jim to a Janine di Giovanni lecture in the Hay Festival in 2016. He found it really disturbing.