Cafe oto vs pizza express jazz club


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Craner once told me pizzas used to be square until pizza express revolutionised the industry by creating the circular pizza in 1963


in je ogen waait de wind

looks like one of those american daily tv shows settings. what horror.


The billionaire lord who runs an annual opera event that won't even be affected by the pandemic cos it takes place in summer from his stately home to add in a little colour.
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Wild Horses
Superb write up. I feel so seen by that women's Oto comments. Great to be reminded of the gigs I was at! Lots more in 2021 I hope!

Was that Bug thing in Wapping 2019?

john eden

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October 2019 I see. Time has gone a bit squelchy.
Yeah the Bug gig and others should be in that first link in the post that goes to my Songkick page.

I was writing something else yesterday and referring back to something from Feb 2019 which I could have sworn was 5 years ago.