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“pro-life in the streets, pro-choice in the sheets”

from the ny times op-ed about congressman tim murphy, a staunch anti-abortion politician who resigned yesterday after his mistress (!) revealed he encouraged her to abort their love child.

EDIT: on second thought, i'm not sure these words are the type you meant for this thread, crowley. is this thread for clever turns of a phrase or unusual word couplings? luka's contribution doesn't clarify the matter. ;)
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Guess it's meant to be a thread where we communicate in words, instead of the usual combination of emoji, machine code, Mayan glyphs and tramp signs.


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read this morning on axios, a mainstream political news website run by the founders of about doing a double take!

One of the most in-demand Republican operatives says of Bannon: "One year from now everyone is going to reminisce about this in the same way 90s kids do about Ini Kamoza's 'Here Comes the Hotstepper' — 'Oh, yeah. I remember that song. What the hell happened to him? Just that one song, huh?"

of all the one-hit wonders he could have chosen to illustrate his point! it's not like the 90s didn't have a hundred other more popular ones.