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Got a phone upgrade the other day, they chucked in a 'free' VR headset. I wasn't that bothered about it but trying it out I've been pretty amazed by how good it is - and this isn't even a specialist VR like PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift.

Now I guess what you're all thinking is - 'he went straight for the porn'. And you'd be right. And it's a really WEIRD experience. Totally uncanny - the feeling when a face or (ahem) other body part gets right up to your face is impossible to describe except by saying that it's like when a REAL face/body part gets close to yours, except you know it's an illusion. (And of course you can't touch.) I felt like I was in a sci fi film - aroused but disturbed.

Other than that, the best thing I've found so far is the Netflix app which transports you into an idealised living room with a gigantic TV. Headphones in and you begin to see that cinemas might be doomed!

Anyway, I figure this is an interesting topic of conversation, because it's bound to have a big effect on people's lives once it becomes a mass-adopted technology.

It's already quite disturbing how isolated technology is making people and I can see this being an even more powerful tool for escapism. The 'Red dwarf' idea of 'Better than Life', a VR game that addicts people like heroin, seems pretty plausible now.

Perhaps it's not all dystopian, though:


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I had a go on this 'experience'/game/whatever it is a couple of years back. and it scared the bejeezus out of me. Not just cos the effects were good, but because of how immersive it will be when they get the visuals just right. Which they may have done in the two intervening years.

I can see the rationale for VR as a therapeutic tool in modelling real life situations, or situations that could not be conjured in real life. But the possibility for things going wrong seems epic. We've been discussing this at work a bit lately in connection with a project, and I find the lack of reflection about long term safety really unnerving. As if people are blinded by the newness of the technology...

VR porn sounds mental. Presumably they're, ahem, hard at work in developing the VR-compatible gloves so that not being able to touch is no longer an issue?
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call me big papa
Definitely can't be good for your eyes staring at a screen about an inch from your face.


call me big papa
Setting fires with gasoline for saliva
Drunk as lady dianas driver with reporters behind her

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Appropriate brining canibus into this thread as he's probably really into VR


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I've been given an Oculus quest 2 for a month to mess about with.

Anyone got any tips?

So far I've been in altspacevr and went to a beatbox competition.

The headset is very heavy.


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Cheers. I went to a psychedelic rave on Saturday night and a soul club on Sunday morning, where someone asked me what I was wearing. Not sorted my avatar out yet.

It's reminding me of going into Internet chat rooms for the first time in 1999


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nice you have the chance to try the gear ...

we have been hearing about VR for a good long time and it did advance as the tech got better.
I don't have a set but have tried 3 different sets over the years and each time it got better.
Another tech that has uses in all directions - plus / minus, good - bad.
A whole life immersed in forms of it is we are there or close / coming soon.
In headphone SurroundSound