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the instrumentals great. bratty, vacuous coke girls. such a trashy notion of chic. venom people. passive aggressive. disingenuous. two faced. cunts to their core (a rare accomplishment). parties in north london i guess. the very posh parts.

jammer's voice is unfortunately is so married to embarrassing students in my mind at this point i can't asses it on it's own merit. just awful, embarrassing students. middle class guys named ben and jake desperate for one another's approval who say "mate" as a way to heal their wounds of social embarrassment.


thank fuck i never went to uni.


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was gonna say take out that slapdash whiteboy funk bass and the sax and just leave the drums and it would be great. but it's just virtuosic jazz funk isn't it? sounds like the hippy parties they would have in surrey. It's just learning to play to a technically competent degree without developing a language in your playing. rashied ali would keep ghosting the cymbal in a hallucinogenic way and breaking down the constraints of regular timing whilst keeping it all geometric and tight. This guy can't do that.


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@Linebaugh im going to give you one later so we're not stealing Stan's Thunder. I'm not giving one to Gus though cos he'll say it's dreadful just to get back at me

constant escape

winter withered, warm
The start of it felt like the tempo was trying, successfully, to outpace my calibration to it, so from then on it felt like I was being dragged, in a way, rather than the more common feeling of coasting through it.

Reminds me of this:

No need to watch the whole thing, but watch enough to pick up on the editor's (Martin Arnold) voice irrupting through the interstices.

In a way I kind of get a similar vibe with this song, like the usually smooth momentum is being incessantly prodded or something. Not to say that it was unpleasant - it actually does appeal to me, in the sense that it seems like whoever made this song was speaking through machine-like beats, in a manner similar to how Arnold speaks through the frames.


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Strange sunny-nocturnal dynamic here. Thats gotta gotta be the most used melody in all of club music right?

The horn honks like morning rush hour, doing no good for the comedown twitches as you shake last nights amphetamine specter with concise little spasms.