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in way, feels like these movies always took place in the trump era? at the time i thought the early installments of iron man (et al) created a distinctly exaggerated alternate america—the tech shinier and more advanced, the people brasher, the events more absurd and chaotic. but in retrospect that vision resembles the past few years. this scene with jim cramer, for example, felt like a clear parody of cable news personality theatrics at the time, but now it feels toned down compared to alex jones and so on. but im guessing all that's been mentioned already.



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none of the new ones will match the performance of the older ones. diminishing returns. im looking forward to eternals though.


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Watched Captain Marvel last night. MCU really doesn't trust bureaucracies. There are always enemies on the inside, green aliens in FBI skinsuit. Nick Fury or Captain America inevitably has to "go rogue" and clean shit up on their own, because they can't trust state apparatus to get it done competently.


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Whatever we each and all thought of Marvel previously,
now that Disney got the new properties including re introducing X Men or is it
' The Mutants ', rebooting Alien series , an Inhumans story to follow that bad TV show and probably another Asgard or so


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Anyone watched WandaVision yet?

A few years ago I'd have watched that by now and be straight onto the Falcon and Winter Soldier.

I'm kind of over it ATM though.


call me big papa
I watched WandaVision last week and I really liked it.

Kind of amazing the budget these TV shows have these days. Or what CGI can do for less.


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I watched Wonder Woman over Easter. I did actually think it was a very good good film. I don't have time to explain why, but I thought I should register my approval.