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entertainment 11:59 PM Viewing Sadman Barty's Sexual 69

I spend my nights piecing together your psychoanalytic reading. Sexual eccentricities, taste in music, afflictions and phobias, tendencies in interpretation of art, spasmodic prose, weird relationship with luka, the developing disclosures about your family history, all tied up in a grand revelational thesis that will shake the field of psychology.


in je ogen waait de wind
nothing really. i'm trying to make a playlist of songs that sound like waking up in the alps, tiny tip of the sun rising above the mountain peak. gentle sun rays that don't hurt the eye. feeling small, surrounded by nature. it's all a bit fascist i think. well anyway, i thought craner posted a wagner tune some time ago and i couldn't remember the name anymore so that's why i searched craner wagner. turnerd out it wasn't posted by craner by the way.

here's the playlist so far:


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That's brilliant. Craner's 'a bit fascist' so I can see where the confusion stems from


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Simon silverdollarcircle 10:52 AM Viewing Thread
Multiculturalism’s gone too far

Oh for fuck's sake!

any chance you could change the title of that thread suf? "the global monoculture has gone too far"

i don't want all these newcomers thinking i'm a nazi!


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That's going to get dug up ten years from now when your famous and destroy your whole career. You'll have to get reconstructive facial surgery, change your name, move to Tasmania :crylarf::crylarf::crylarf: