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This scenario, Ive made luke out to be a sissy boy, and as I was the one to put him there, I set myself up as the authority above him. Now its up to luke to subvert my reign and restructure the power dynamic. Not necessarily now, but in the near future


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Brilliant. Now the house will have to be carefully disassembled and the pieces will sit forever in some annex somewhere.


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But thanks for reminding me of why I don't visit this place anymore: people who don't care at all about facts or rational debate, but just want to hammer their ignorant and self righteous biases.
one thing that will become increasingly interesting is how the west and particularly americans respond to the rise of china, i mean people here, actual humans. what they want from their lives, what they expect from government, the kind of aspirations they have. these things are already being twisted into new forms as a consequence of chinas success.

more and more people want to feel involved in a 'national project' and feel like they belong to a larger cohesive unit, with defined goals and purpose and ideology for instance. more and more people are asking why their govt cant conceive of and deliver large infrastructure projects etc