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Xi seems to be making a concerted effort to expand his influence, particularly given the vacuum left by Trump's isolationist rhetoric and posturing and the perceived weakness of Western democracy. Apparently the CCP are looking to export the Chinese political system around the world and are now hosting regular summits in order to groom potential allies, particularly in Africa.
' ...a model for the world' eh ?

Will come back to this soon ...

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China is going for Taiwan, probably a blockade. Russia is about to bite a chunk off Ukraine. What's Joe gonna do about it?
Is this the point where, if Biden doesn't do anything, he's a toothless pussy, and if he does anything at all, he's a psycho who wants to start WWIII and get us all nuked?


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Re : The CCP and their plans ...

No, this is not where CCP tries for Taiwan.
They may threaten, make it look like they are about to, little step by step -
and eventually if not slapped, they will go for it.
The incremental way has worked for CCP so far, why stop ?

Ever since the incident of April 2001 when Chinese jet clipped the wing of a propeller driven US Nvy EP -3 in international airspace over the South China Sea
where Beijing detained the crew of 24 for 11 days, stripped the plane of electro gear and refused to let it fly out, the CCP got it's balls up.
Bush 2's response was to make what Beijing took to be an apology and offered a compensatory payment.
Wise move or likely, not, CCP took it as ' US will not push back very hard '
and so look where we are now ...

Little by little ...
some of these ' islands' were just just barely above waterline.
But that was enough for maritime law and for the CCP to build on.
Once you have an island, concrete, sand bars poured on, things get filled in -
hey, that's 'new land'.
A thing to own.
Wrap it in that flag, citizens will be proud, commenters on South China Post will rejoice.
Little by little - Tibet was filled w broken green glass Chinese beer bottles until people forgot it, Uighurs felt the cold Han hand ( reaching for their internal organs on a hot day ), ' Belt & Road ' expanded, one deal in Dijbouti became huge hangers for military boats, HK lost many rights and felt looming big CCP brothers.

Now, it's we will push out any other nation's boats in what we call our space.

Will just put it out there again, both Vlad and Xi were caught out a bit by Biden's win.
Vlad would have moved on another country.
Then came Nov. - Jan.
His inner electronic domain is up for a Biden ordered electro push back and will in next weeks have an internal internet attack of one kind or another.
Xi's 2 diplomats red in the face angry over everything from Australian wine to Europe's push back, Africa's push back, clothes maker's who used cotton from Far West and are trying to bark a fierce game.
Xi saw what Vlad did in the US systems for years now already and was planning to continue his own state backed hacks ( X KGB and current CCP such big partners right ? ).
He stopped because he could at least sense Biden was not going to play things the same as Bush or Obama.

Source of this COVID being just one other unclear matter in the mess of things in general.


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It is incredible the BS and lies ( in caps or small ) the CCP pushes ...
We are supposed to now believe the Uighur prisons and work tanks are for their better life and benefit ?

That buying ' Chinese cotton ' is best a 'patriotic' matter ?
And so some citizens begin burning stuff on the street ,
protesting and er, banning H & M

Our own Donald boy made all this 'authoritarian is the new, best way' talk
work, and now we all pay the price.
Here's a mental picture for you ... you are Uighur, the CCP comes a knocking on your door one night.
What might happen next to your wife, girlfriend or mate, partner ?
What might happen to Daddy, Granddad ...

Keep dreaming Xi and Vlad, see ya on the moon

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Everything is already on the phone in China and effectively doing this already. No way wechat have achieved that kind of ubiquity without government backing

They're just giving it a formal name now


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I'm no fan of the CCP, but it's not like the Bank of England isn't considering the same thing -

Bank of England to consider digital money plan

Maybe every country or nation state can and will do their own digital currency,
but doubting it would come with the embedded eyeballs the CCP wants to use on it's citizens.
Video surv is one thing and surely popular and intrusive w law or order donut eaters here and in UK and most anyplace that can afford it, but with this digital CCP $ you might as well have that barcode burned right into your back of neck or wrist.
Connected to the social status grid they have set up it's all
control control control.
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