Equiknoxx and weird dancehall


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playing catch up with this


just to go on the record to say how much I love last year's "Colon Man" and the previous "Bird Sound Power"

this seems like genuine yard music which is genuinely strange. i'm incredibly suspicious (ridiculously so) of music which i feel is pushing my avant-lumpen buttons. but this stuff isn't cynical - it's just ART imho

i mean, historically, there's plenty of strange aspects to dancehall riddims (please post weird weirditties as youtube links if you have em) but the Equiknoxx stuff must be royalty now.

naturally it'd be nice to hear MCs and singers on these riddims - but for the time being i'm very happy :-D



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i really like both of those albums, although i feel like they're hyped by the intellectual/hipster axis (the wire, pitchfork, boomkat, etc.) as opposed to anyone who actually listens to dancehall. that shouldn't distract from my appreciation of the music but unfortunately it sometimes does.


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I liked Bird Sound Power a lot, but found Colón Man pretty dull. The Mark Ernestus remixes are really, really good.

@Woebot: There are vocalists on their FACT mix and I enjoyed it a lot more than any of the releases
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I'm on the fence on both Equiknoxx LPs too... some great bits on Bird Sound for me, Colon Man didn't click (yet).

Other things that come to mind, all with their very different take, but clearly weirdo/experimental, and taking things from dancehall one way or another imo.

Ilpo Väisänen's (half of Pan Sonic / Panasonic) Piiri name/alter ego/project/whatever from the late 90s/early 00s
Piiri - ABS
His much more recent I-LP-O In Dub moniker seems to be reviving that legacy somewhat

DJ Python is self labelled as 'deep reggaeton'... but since reggaeton is based on a dancehall riddim in turn...



Emptyset has a few dancehall rhythm based bits, alas traditional dancehall fans would run screaming at a guess... for me this hits the right spot tho.



And, the dutch pop/bubblin/tropical/reggaeton scene is pumping out the occasional surprise

Puri x JHORRMOUNTAIN x Adje - Coño

A few others that carved out their own niche more or less with dancehall aestetics/rhythms more or less often, but should be well known around here - The Bug, Gaika, Deadbeat, Poirier... a

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Loved Bird Sound Power. Not had chance to listen to new one that much, but hasn't grabbed me in quite the same way.

Was a bit obsessed with that Fact mix when it came out.

This Fader mix from end of last year is also great:


They just had a Red Bull Music interview thing too:


You can find a lot of their stuff on digital- often w/vocals:


Agree with the view that this is Yard music and it is GOOD. 'Babylon system going to fall a part'
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I have to say Ive been quite ambivalent about their stuff. Was very excited when I first read about them but felt quite underwhelmed when I finally heard them. I have a thing for avant 90's dancehall and it just seemed far less radical than the mainstream stuff from that time.

Good to see a big up of rap pon riddim. Crazy tune and one of tigers last IIRC.


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Ive been collecting freaky versions for years - not too many riddim instrumentals on YT though, especially the more obscure ones which tend to be the most bizarre and ramshackle. Did a little mini mix here which I never got round to expanding to full length.








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Aye, the 90s!

A handful more... here's 2 from the late 80s digi era

Professor Grizzly - Fight The Professor

Tony Tuff - She Bouncing

And some from the early/mid 90s jugglin/dembow

Trevor Levy - Kill Them On The Border on an especially 'water-y'/acid-y mastered version of Far East Riddim

Powerman - Gal A Wah So on All Fruits Ripe

And a few from the late 90s/00s, which produced some of my favourite reduced/minimal/syncopated riddims




among others like All Purpose, Kasablanca, Grasscyat, Now Thing, Threat, Battery, Night Crawler...
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Loved Bird Sound Power. Not had chance to listen to new one that much, but hasn't grabbed me in quite the same way.

thanks for posting that interview.

i like the new one just as much if not more: "Enter A Raffle Win A Falafel"

some of my fave weird stuff in here:

<iframe width="100%" height="60" src="https://www.mixcloud.com/widget/iframe/?hide_cover=1&mini=1&feed=%2Fwoebot%2Frmz450%2F" frameborder="0" ></iframe>


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2021 business...

Equiknoxx - Urban Snare Cypher

^ from the Basic tools Mixtape, an annoying release, limited to 100 cassettes or digital on bandcamp, but of course the cassette is already sold out - but whatever, the Manchester / Jamaica connection is as strong as ever - NYC & Birmingham ( aka "the third city") are involved as well, but MCR / JA is what counts

Time Cow (Equiknoxx)- Chipheads Dub
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Gavsborg in the mix

this helped me through lockdown v1.0 2020

1. General Levy – Incredible (Dubplate)
2. Barrington Levy – Black Roses
3. Prince Jazbo – Replay Version
4. Bounty Killer x Equiknoxx – Timebird Dubplate
5. Ward 21 – Badda Badda Dubplate
6. Time Cow x RTkal – Elephant Man
7. Gavsborg – Making Love To Volca
8. Critical Rhythm – It Could Not Happen (Dancehall Daze Version)
9. Gavsborg – Dubplate #1
10. Gavsborg – Gwan Appears Originally to Be a Private Slang
11. Damalistik x Gavsborg – Vibes with Dama
12. Gavsborg – Gazzy Gazzy
13. Janet Jackson – Nasty Acapella
14. Gavsborg – Did Not Make This For Jah_9 Feat. Shanique Marie
15. Barrington Levy – Vibes Is Right
16. Dadawah – Run come Rally


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Gavsborg in the mix at Hardwax ( 2021 )

dubplate pressure

00:00 Yahdaj - The Mumbai Rave (Dubplate)
02:09 Sección De Ritmo - No Drama Llama (Dubplate) (Equiknoxx Music)
05:55 Sección De Ritmo - Regular Degular (Dubplate) (Equiknoxx Music)
05:54 Sección De Ritmo - Not Moving To Bristol (Dubplate)
07:46 Silky Black - Tik Tok (Dubplate)
09:06 The Rum Baba - El Militante (Dubplate)
10:23 Exile The Brave x Equiknoxx - A Rabbit Spoke To Me When I Woke Up (Freestyle) (Dubplate)
12:18 Brand New Artiste - Dem Bow Edit (Dubplate)
15:05 Gavsborg - Making Love To Volca (Equiknoxx Music)
16:51 Time Cow x RTKal - Elephant Man (Equiknoxx Music)
19:26 Emerson Kitamura - Rock Your Baby (EM Records)
21:48 Puppy Disco - Puppy Disco In A Rare Silk Storm (Dubplate)
24:00 Puppy Disco - Puppy Disco Meets Phil Collins (Dubplate)
25:58 Puppy Disco: Puppy Disco In The Ghetto (Dubplate)
29:26 Puppy Disco - Shanique Marie's Playground (Dubplate)
31:24 The Electric Moog Orchestra - Galactic Force (Musicor)
32:55 Busy Signal - Step Out Riddim aka Equiknoxx Riddim (Greensleeves Records)
35:21 Michael Sterling (Alozade) x Renigade - Chrome Riddim (South Block Records)
36:54 Mario Campbell - Scoobay Riddim (357 Records)
38:52 Tiger - Rap Pon Rydim Version (Dug Out PR-001)
41:42 Gavsborg - Quality Time With Pele, Shanique Nico & Nic (Dubplate)
43:53 Fox x Famous Eno - Big Man Rains Swing Ting (Dubplate)
45:30 Samrai - Khadi (DBA Dubs)
48:26 Kambo Super Sound - 1538 Dub (Sex Tags Amfibia)
51:20 Shokryme x RTKal - BBS (Sharda Remix) (Dubplate)
54:01 Shanique Marie x Time Cow - Talk Remix (Dubplate)
55:33 Equiknoxx - Congo Get Slap (Mark Ernestus Remix) (DDS)
58:15 Equiknoxx - Flagged Up (Mark Ernestus Remix) (DDS)
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RTKal, Fox, Shanique Marie, Equiknoxx & Swing Ting - Rum & Buckfast Riddim

JA / MCR connection

( rum is my drink of choice, but buckfast does go down a bit too easy - "wreck the hoose juice!" )
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Aisha Devi - The Favor Of Fire (Equiknoxx Remix)

wa'gwaan? experimental techno / avant dancehall crossover
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SKRS Reconsiders the Vampire's Curse - side B

back to the roots of Dancehall, Scientist's classic dubs of Roots Radics tunes reconfigured by SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL for the 21st century - like if Terry Riley fucked with early 80s Junjo dancehall tunes

hold tight! yes mi selecta!
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When neither the illusory Here
Nor the unfathomable Hereafter
Provide safe harbour;

The seeker has no place to turn
but TheWhereBetween

And through it all : A solitary prayer;
A broken record loop-like chant for deliverance
One foot in oblivion; Hanging by a thread of Hope

In Offeration and Dedication to You,
the One, the Eternal, of whom all things Are
Give thanks and praise each and every hour!