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neighbours who are cunts with dogs are the worst

letting them bark all day and night (noise abatement order to council), never walked, no interaction with other dogs to socialise so the default is/was what are they guarding and is it worth nicking

bit of a Nottingham speciality


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thats briliant! well funny. thats outside meridian estate. they always hang out there smoking weed and drinking and playing music.
always chill though unless you bottle them.
The filming of it seems really interesting, too - all the interweaving motion. If someone said it was actually some sort of film-school project, I'd only be surprised because it seems too well done.


Accounts like that make me uneasy. They're billed as some sort of community service, but there's also this voyeuristic streak of just wanting to see violence.
this one is like that, but not violent , purports to be public service but actually for voyeuristic enjoyment of watching cops get het up


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you didnt have to feel guilty cos it didnt really hurt him it just scratched his head a bit so there was some blood