Jordan Peterson thinks it makes sense to compare humans with lobsters


Living in London i often wondered what lurked in the Thames, you would see oddball lads fishing near the Thames Barrier when I lived in Charlton, but no traps in South-East; at least where I lived anyway. We did find a few lads a further down the stream who were trapping for crayfish, though.

Half-arsed research led us to the National Institute of Crayfish Trappers (NCIT), (Later featured in the Grauniad), and their ventures into trapping in waterways up and down the country.

Why crayfish, I hear you ask. In the 70s, the UK government introduced the American Signal crayfish to UK waterways, ostensibly to sell to the Norwegians, whose economy was booming at the time. If research had been carried out properly, they'd have found out the American Signal carried a crayfish plague, which wiped out most of the native population. American Signal had an inbuilt herd immunity.

Like most hairbrained government schemes of their ilk, it was quietly mothballed and after a day or two's desultory press, forgotten. Meanwhile, the American signal was causing havoc in the waterways and wiping out all kinds of species by shoving its knob about and causing an imbalance to native UK species. There is a DEFRA report, if you want to read it

The NCIT is mostly a labour of love from a lad called Crayfish Bob, but he's done well out of it I believe - the American Signal has a much more delicate taste than most of the chinese farm-produced stuff. You can get hold of some mitten crabs in the Thames too, though I'd be loate to eat much from some of the stretches of that water now.

Particularly round the Greenwich peninsula, there's a lot of TPH in the soil from the old refinery that would no doubt cause some problems, however slight.

The lobsters remain a more obscure challenge around London waterways and I dont really have the time or werewithal these days to look into it much. I did hear of a few lads trapping in West London years ago but i think there was only a smattering there

Perhaps for the southern trapper, heading towards the far coast is the answer. On a clear day you could see France in the distance, of course
Met Crayfish Bob in person a couple of weeks ago oddly enough


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lobster rolls are an interesting american quirk, notable i guess because they're quite expensive as these regional delicacies go ($20 for a sandwich or thereabouts)


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its probably my fault for being nitpicky and it doesnt matter in the slightest but my point is that dunham and peterson isnt a good comparison because everything peterson has made as a legitimate pop cultural figure has been bottom of the barrel slop for the protein powder buying demographic. Girls was dunhams good stuff and it was in front of everyone and laid out the blueprint for every millennial tv show to come after for better or worse, much different than having an obscure, but good, academic career and then having a second life as a motivational speaker for aspiring entrepreneurs and meme master for extremely online perverts.

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Some guy: hurr durr, wimmin shouldn't drive because of their powerful baby hormones.

Gus/Biccies: people only dunk on him to virtue-signal to the in-group.


Some guy: hurr durr, wimmin shouldn't drive because of their powerful baby hormones.

Gus/Biccies: people only dunk on him to virtue-signal to the in-group.
Well, they also dunk on him because he's a very effective opponent, so effective that they bar their allies from even mentioning him, lest they be converted - it's a pathetic capitulation


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what are the top 7 best points he's ever made biscuits/gus? choose the top 7 so we don't have to wade through the chaff.