Disney, The Serpent Swallows its Own Tail?


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my wife rents out her old "one bedroom" place that she owns on 14th between B&C, across from Sty Town, for around $1,900, will let you know if it becomes available. as long as you don't mind the shower in the kitchen. ;)
No shit. I knew places like that existed, but have heard they get passed around on word-of-mouth more than anything... Please do let me know!

an issue for a lot of people with living here (or, I'd imagine, London) now is how cultural institutions and social life will make out. If lots of museums, galleries, music venues, great small bars and restaurants can't afford to weather the COVID storm and close, then what makes living here any different from...I dunno, Raleigh/Durham or San Diego? Particularly when you might be luck enough to be able to work remotely, what's the incentive to stay here with a much higher cost of living and likelihood of another fast-spreading virus?

we're remaining put, but some people won't.
Me, I'm thinking Mexico City, mayyyybe Guadalajara. You can live in good accomodations and eat well for under a grand a month; I've seen beautiful terrace'd two-beds in safe areas for $500USD. The cultural institutions there are first-class, truly... their Anthropology Museum is perhaps the best in the world, the Sumaya and Jumex are both wonderful. And quite a burgeoning punk & indie film scene I hear. Plus the weather is unbeatable.
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