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the brandname stuff (chicagotown, dr oetker etc) as well as the own brand stuff.
which ones are your favourites. which ones are beyond the pale?
what do you add to them before and after cooking?
how many do you eat per week?


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Dont eat pizza that often, maybe once a fortnight, but LIDL do some good ones, and Ive been really impressed by ALDI's 'Carlos Flatbread' range which is way better than it has any right to be at that price.


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I'm surrounded by so many pizza joints that it's never entered my mind to buy a frozen one. the oven is a key to good pizza, no way a home oven can replicate it.

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I don't get these "Dr Oetker" pizzas. Who wants a pizza made for them by a doctor? Would you let a chef diagnose your cardiac arrhythmia?

The Aldi/Lidl 'posh' ones are quite good, agreed. Probably about the same prices as the bog standard ones from Sainsbury etc.
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yeah tea and don't get me started on that GREEN GIANT sweetcorn, sweetcorn is tiny and those massive fingers are obviously going to cause damage.

captain birdseye stop it. would you allow a fishmonger to pilot your trawler?

and as for HP SAUCE. what if a bean baker was running the country? madness etc


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ive heard new york pizza is nothing special by euro standards but if its very cheap i can see why woud prefer it to supermarket stuff.
for me the supermarkets ones are mostly for when you want to eat something dirty. its good to put sliced 'mexicana' cheese on top for those occassions. its foul. absolutely disgusting.

or maybe you could get some slimy danish blue and some pickled jalapenos.


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the only cast iron rule is they need more cheese. at least 3 times the amount provided.


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in fact all reports ive had back say american pizza is the worst in the world regardless of whether its chicago, new york or california. i personally reckon there must be some good, expensive west coast ones though, really expensive and posh in a beautiful resturaunt with beautiful staff and customers
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ive heard that new york pizza, particularly those pizzas you get from pizza 'joints; is so disgusting that you will actually puke it up before youve finished the last slice. just projectile vomit it up again its so disgusting and offensive. all covered in montery jack and pepper jack and sloppy salami with garlic powder all over it like acrid sawdust. dried oregano everywhere like its the year 1982


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ive heard youll double up in pain and disgust, roll all over the floor of the 'pizza joint' while some albanian waiter pretends to be italian
hey whatsa da matter with you eh
melted montery jack all in your hair and in your eyes, the sweet smell of industrial tomato puree everywhere


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in america they put kethcup on their pizzas. now i duno about you but i think thats just wrong.

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The only terrible thing I ate in California was pizza.

The Pizza Express supermarket ones are tiny and expensive but pretty great. (No Cafe OTO pizzas yet, so you win this round).

The massive Sainsbury’s own brand ones from the fridge are good.

Everything else is either ok or rubbish.


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The ones you get from corner shops are weirdly more fulfilling than the ones double the price in supermarkets. It's not real food, but then that's not the point

Best pizza I had out in the UK was from 400 Rabbits. Hipster to the max, but really very good, and beat the shit out of Franco Manca (Weirdly overrated and crap, I thought). I had really good takeout pizza in LA, in defence of the Americans.


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I joined dissensus in 2004, learned my luka lesson long ago.

that said, there's certainly shitty pizza to be had in nyc, all the tourist traps in areas like Times Square or the numerous 99 cents-a-slice "joints". but if you can't find great pizza -- both old-school Italian and new hipster -- here, you're not trying very hard.