john eden

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A quick skim of his recent Medium posts inform us that:

Weinstein’s conviction was “a travesty of justice”

The Breivik fanboy he defended should “reconsider [his] position”. (In an Open Letter - that’s how serious this is, ok? V srs. Not like you lot just shitposting on the internet.)

Brendan O’Neill has gone TOO FAR in attacking eugenics weirdo Andrew Sabisky.

The lethality of Covid19 has been exaggerated and taking down fake news snake oil salesmen posts about it is a bad thing...

Seems like exhausting work.

Still, nearly 30 grand pledged for that legal case that they starting fundraising for in September last year. Another stretch target soon, I’m sure.


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theres an inverse relationship between vims years on dissensus and his words per post. is this the teaching machine?
i was thinking just the other day that vimothy's habit of arguing with people who are writing multiple paragraphs of text entirely via unpunctuated one liners feels like the message board equivalent of a boxer fighting with their hands at their sides. sort of cocky yet stylistically enviable if successful.

john eden

male pale and stale
We know that Vim comes here to cheer himself up though, it's like cheeky awayday from the abyss for him.


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It's like an old Dissensus thread that starts off on a topic I'm interested in, but by page 18 someone has mentioned Spinoza and by page 26 there are just three people left talking about fascism.
After Brooklyn Culture Mafia, I was wondering if this was a pattern...