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Sorry, I don't use Zoom. That Max demo's only available for Mac and Windows anyway.
weh heh we have a linux user in here!
I think you could probs run max through wine or something but it might be a bit of a strain. PD is a way better option I would guess


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I'm running an "experimental build" of Reaper atm. Doing any music stuff on Linux is a total pain.
have you looked into Bitwig? not free but it seems like a seriously well executed project, I have a mate who disappeared for months after being introduced to the Grid mode
I have done in the past, but it's been a few years since I've made anything. I installed Reaper a few months ago, but I've no interest in making music atm. And nah, nothing you can hear.


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Yes we can hear some thing doesn't matter if it's not very good in fact that will be more fun if it's terrible


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@chava @gremino i still can't find the long signature guy tho
Actually I'm in uni studying coding, so I might even manage to create something. Dunno if I have time for it anytime soon, as I have so much other stuff going on. The software you are talking about is using some sort of block coding?

I have been a long time Reason user, so making my own Reason synths/fxs some day are more interesting to me though.


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Yeah I think so. You have this area which is different to a time line in that you add certain blocks and can have things going into and out of them. Then you chain it all up and you can introduce a sound and put it through all these bits you've made.

Looked fun but I've not gone back to it yet.