Who Will Be the Subject of the next Biopic?

I correctly predicted Hollywood's next attempt at an "inspiring" or "aspirational" biopic would be about Elton John, and even correctly guessed it would be called "Rocketman." I wish I had proof of this but you will have to take my word for it.

My guess: Prince. Title: "My Name is Prince." There has to be one last try to create a sense of nostalgia (which is impossible now), so naturally it will be set in the 80's.
Since you have forced me to hedge, I'll throw in another, equally probable, possibility. Subject: David Bowie. Title: "Starman"
I should just start a rolling thread where I can vent all my weird thoughts. You can all put me on your ignore list. I've found I don't need real social interaction, just the illusion of it.
I don't even know who that is and I'm a culture junky. Hollywood is all about brand recognition. They want recognizable names, they want narratives about stars that match up with the audience's preconceptions about that star's life. It might make a great movie, but you would have to find an independent distributor.
Any thoughts on a Hollywood title? They usually go with song titles, or some "clever" pun on the name. Maybe "Karma Chameleon," but that has too many syllables for middle America. He wrote an memoir called Take It Like a Man, but that's too suggestive. I'm thinking something like "A Boy and his Dream," maybe?

And yes, I'm going by his Wikipedia page because I know next to nothing about him, but hey so did the people who made Bohemian Rhapsody, so why should I feel bad?
The Bowie biopic was announced months ago.
AHHHHHHH "Stardust"

I was so close. But you know the studio execs had it narrowed to "Starman" and "Stardust." Probably flipped a coin on it. "Stardust" seems kind of moribund when you start to think about it.