Early 90's Rap City Classics

I'm sure you were all watching Rap City in the early 90's, so maybe you can help me out. I have a theory that it will be impossible to feel nostalgia for anything 90's and (especially) beyond, and I'm trying to fight it and need your help. I will not let nostalgia die! Here are some personal favorites:

Include the original music video please. If possible.


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Cable was a big dividing line in my generation. On one side of it there was hulk hogan and yo mtv raps, and on the other side of it was me

Would love to just cram all these in one post so the thread won't keep bumping but I'm limited to one video per post. Sure there's a trick to that.


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why do you feel the 90s is different from any other decade when it comes to nostalgia?