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Babylon firmament apocalyptic sky
reduced to bare necessities the simple surplus of our fate.

Take one capsule settle into spent condition
dreamy on the undulating pasture

Do you see it floating dandelion adrift
star and we are light as well

the eye has no gravity petticoats
flirtatious wind. Who is the hairy wrist would
pull us down again?

The Big Gusher
The Principle to say don't away out the summer
window and dream again.

Today wearing hilarious donkey
shouting through inverted traffic cone
doctrines of obedience to

The Letter.

Olivia later laughter
absurdities of love even this

is grist to mill male tuft of hairy ear oh dear
he's not like this when lights are out.

Anima Anita All-Martha pin up girl what they do to
get attention. The symbiote two turned about the staff.

Next day, sliced white, warm mayonnaise, a squirming
in-between. But secretly, a devotion to


crossed fingers behind the back could never swear
fealty to another-

beautiful light application
corruption of the eye
we saw it could never love another.

Vale of Beulah is Terminal Sewer all
lurid and lubricious feel this
lotioned limbs
honeyed no better bliss
Voice go all gushy whispered

Even here, no lark
all dark the nighting

no rude sun shall enter, the two of us
shall never part the true-love-knot
once tied can never sever

Pop song sprightly
fairground go round and round again
Once tied can never sever.

Now be very serious.


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That's a great one. I feel like your dark motives and imagery tend to be majestic and imposing and your light tend to be shy and fleeting but in this one the light gains courage in the end and dares against the pathetic.


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Wow! That's actually very perceptive! Always a shock startling lovely surprise when it turns out someone can read and pay attention! I always said you were a genius thiugh, even at the age of 17. thank you. That's made my day.


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It's light in mood and light in diction and light in rhythm. It's light footed playful breezy teasing


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Grapejuice asked me to explain the poem so I will copy and paste that email here so you can appreciate the subtleties of the dialectic

I wrote it off the top of my head in about five minutes first thing in the morning but what I think I might be is

A capsule is a drug which activates and spends our surplus
but is also the narcotic properties of poetry, here linked to the pastoral, both giving us a weightless quality in which we can come out of our bodies and become what we see, eg, the dandelion floating in the breeze, the real on in the real pasture, and the one in the poem, which reminds us of a star and of other weightless things like the wind in petticoats which again, like the pastoral, gestures humourously to the archaism of poetry as form and discourse.

Hairy wrist is the Father, the disciplinarian, the school teacher, the headmaster the reality principal.
Stop looking out the window of the imagination stop daydreaming
We are concerned with the letter of the law, your books

He then becomes a ranting revolutionary laughed at by his wife ALP who also is concerned with a letter and reminds us of the primacy of the vision, the ideal, the shining light we orient ourselves towards

That the imagination is in fact primary and animates the whole.

There's a sex bit The vale of Beulah terminal sewer is Blake meets Burroughs it's the erotic wonderland frictionless, lubricated polymorphous perverse
and some nods to love poetry Romeo and Juliet John Donne and how that tradition becomes pop song

Now be very serious


bandz ahoy
I started reading that then and was thinking hmm i'm actually getting a tingle here

But i'm at work so i can't really read it properly


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A buttock/the artic seed bank/mitigation against imminent collapse/a soft pink island/a buttock/a fat deposit/a quivering/a buttock/investment/a world in a seed/reborn/
A buttock/futures market/a fat deposit/stored wealth/against lean future/a buttock.

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let's type out a few of the things i've done while sitting by the river over the last month or so.


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ambient exposure level urgent critical
the gall of the man when we are opposed in the cereal aisle
the only sanctuary is disassociation drift
with fag smoke tumbling ever upward
taunted by garter belt
fumble for cigerette
a good burgundy confidently pronounce
figures for last quarter growth
no, it's impossible, the computer couldn't be in error
it's infallable.
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nodding buttocks spandex mini-dress instrumentalise
lesuire time arrest the eyeball now look at me
internalise attention economy procedure how to capture limited
resource of look at me passive Dorito cool ranch
audience. you just won't believe how this ruin
makeover orphan dolphin reunited pod Pacific sunrise.


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pointed rejoinder. travelodge 'patatas bravas' that sounds
interesting quirky bangle add character
accesorise mindfully to pick up.

augment mystique with facial expression, abstracted.
demonstrate value in interview encounter I have a
passion for travel, no, adventure
intrepid into The Unknown.

I learned so much about
myself fade into pink blachmange.

thoroughly unimpressed cut down to size now very
ordinary average man why did I ever think I could be
more than set portion ready meal. Now imposture shame
all street eyes turn to flint unyielding no shelter anywhere
contempt disdain recoiling every eye
hobbled by guilt shrinking from the scorn creep
just an ordinary day animal