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And for feeling. A very fine and discriminating feel for differences in pressure.

I breathe through my nose unless my nose is congested, just like everybody else.


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What constantly? I've got asthma and I snore when drunk but I often catch myself nose breathing.


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well this is what this book says but it might be fascism who knows. i think particularly at night, it says if you can nose breathe at night, you'll never need to wake for a piss or cos your thirsty, both of which happen to me frequently


in je ogen waait de wind
if you breathe through your mouth you wake up with a terribly tasting tongue, i don't think anyone could live like that.


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i can't say what I do while I asleep with any confidence. I wouldn't worry too much about it personally.


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yes so this is why the book advocates taping your mouth up with surgical tape so you can ensure it. so i think you should try that and report the results back in 2 weeks


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Surn orver crest kill the curdled
abortion that one
was a mistake.

Brighter now and happier cabbie
waves cap outside the window wound-down
Alright Guv'na this is going to be
a lovely day.

The whirring engines of the Real settle into
energised pattern 5G meshes the mind
into new coherence whether you like it
or not.
Cough coffee onto white t-shirt and rue.

Foucault marches over horizon we do not
follow any of these men to where they
are going we do not
match their evasions.

We walk into the centre of the map
and threaten to stay there.

Pastiche marble sags
the plastic gladioli wilt and we belch
our proletarian loyalties into the
prim and proper air, hoping
to make an impression.

As always, we are ignored.
Well, perhaps they have noted
and numbered and put on file
and have folded us into
their representation
without wanting, understandably enough,
to give us the satisfaction of knowing it.

Or perhaps not. And we are truly invisible.
Which also has its advantages. Pierce
blue balloon the false sky
the limit which is only limit
if you let it.

And the space also sweep
into a pan
it's dusty stars.
We have something
so much better.

Benchmark for brilliance
Old Battleaxe is not so bad
alumni line up and present
scrubbed cheeks for approval.
Snarl and refuse to
not that you were invited in any case.

Which also has its advantages.

This is your new assignment
Maximum Joy. Spill out
mar new day with bad start
too much toast. Don't worry!
you can find redemption before
noon! Yes! You can do it! I

Apex Summit. Book open is bivalve.

Being unfolds itself into Unbeing
to the outstretched fingertips twig-tips
budding at the
furthest extension of the spirit.
Shot outward to the boundary of
the explosion. Tracers drooping
lash the night-time.

Unbeing unfolding
Into Being
the branching
the fissure-path.
Seared into
lines of less resistance.

Liverwort, suspended
on sea-surge, troughs
splayed deliriously on sandy
display-cabinet. Impulses diverge
the stem.

The street at this juncture
goes by a new name. This street
has a strong current pedestrians
shunted flotsam. Feel
the tug & tow.

Edit in wild footage
furred, at this juncture
scampered or
hurling into empty
branch to branch in
uproarious laughter
prehensile Toe
Intelligent tail.

The path of least resistance.
Splinters along the horizontal
zig to zag travel as we do.

Paper grain screen grab palatial
residence squats
on expensive hill. Money looks like
this. Spurt upwards efficiently.

Indolent bribe arrest passage
sink into glutinous swamp.

He has a way of closing cutesy
brachial extensions overlay
abstracted plain, the Aether.

Tooth frolic absent Georgia,
delinquent destiny
Uproot cherry tree
stone crows

Sucking a sweetie. Indelicate chamber of commerce.
Stick it in

Toned it down otherwise more scolding
Worked surface palm involution squiggled
writhing indecorous far too serpentine
Demonic pleasure.

Blur serial number. Estate
undefined and patchy.
Hope to
greet new day as beautiful
melting into recognition
and tears caustic joy.

Magic bauble
unspool fizzy trail.

By caprice of air the
lilt of hips
swung hinges
By breath
carried this
a paper dart.

Poke out your tongue
Angels are without skin.

Touch turns to white light

The angel in me
touches the angel in you.

full of rash happiness.

Enters stream with much thrashing
Against flow. Struggle into relation
with the medium
with that which is responded to
and reacts. Ripples reach
the other side.

To press forward exploring
resistance sites
tender just numb laggard
in developmental.
Hauled up on rocky outcrop
enter stream here

Green swill.

and into the turbines.

They are broadcasting on the G-O-D frequency again.
Grace over destiny. Above brow the rainbow orb
Crown of coloured light.

Deluxe irritant
morning milky sky softened into indistinct blue blur
perky stranger lobs a greeting into your lap
Cancel Anticipation Erase the Categories a giant squid
emerges from the boiling waters. Manage the Paranoia,
the tendency to add ominous strings.

Ambiguous eye meets your own


Intelligence recognises itself in the other
caught in the bio-industrial matrix in the
flesh manufactured in mass produced flood
the market shoddy goods. Horror as the
traffic kept coming, head-on over the horizon
or, exhilaration, depending. Serial number.
Should we submit? There is a difference of opinion.
The jinn seethe at the boundary.

A little flattery makes Reality more amenable dispensing
small gifts and extending temporary and precarious privileges
always apt to be snatched away
Peremptorily. The child's legal mind chafes at the injustice. Why?

Because I'm in charge. Gold buckle on leather boots. The sadism
implicit in those pursed lips
we do not count the syllables
if we wish to tip the performance into song
it's just a canted question, imbalance.

Generous proportions wiggle down the boulevard,
everyone stops to whistle.


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I love this thread title it's some were red cosseted goth world Barty has created in his imagonation


is not like other people
Luke I love this writing and I respond to it in myriad ways but its so late at nite


is not like other people
In other words I'm gonna carry on watching drive instead of consulting your oracle