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so there's this new neural network out, right? it generates news, but it's only learning something. so we'd like to train it in a way that it can actually know a lot more about news rather than only being able to predict headlines.

It can also understand that you're telling a story which is different from what you actually say, and it also learns to think about why you are telling a different story as opposed to just telling the story.

so, what is the problem? it is the same problem we have when we try to tell a very good story — we are really good at getting away with that and being really precise and clever in explaining what we're saying, when we're trying to get what we say across to our audience, what we're putting forward in the article, etc.

there's this new neural network out, right? it generates news, but it's only learning something. so we'd like to train it in a way that it can actually know a lot more about news rather than only being able to predict headlines. So, what is the neural network that solves that problem?

We can learn that our brain can only learn things based on experience; we don't know what the best answer is going to be until we've tried it.



[title of this is the only interesting thing about it but i was still figuring this thing out]
Agnew Neppe, Uganda (Science Alert)—A new study puts forward evolutionary biology’s opening argument on how man evolved into mankind, a rather stunning revelation that was shared over the weekend. It has been over a century since the dawn of the Stone Age, and it is the archaeology that has provided the explosive evidence to suggest that humans are here forever.
But where does the date end? According to the new theory from Maja Bergman, the 30-year time frame is in fact “an arbitrary point in time”, based on dating the age of the ape-like ape closest to the surface: Australopithecus des prie in their infancy. The old hypothesis held that the primate, known as early humans, arrived on the continent in the first two or three years of the Stone Age.
According to Bergman, this is the view of the age of early humans. Her team discovered the remains of a New Guinea ape in Agnew Neppe’s cave, which is located in central Africa. It shows a “squeezed opening at the surface” for the remains to be laid out in total, they say. This means that it could be over 100,000 years ago or even a million years ago.
This background piece has been researched by an interdisciplinary team, including Prof. Bergman, Colm McEvoy, Professor David Fromm, Dr. Sissy Hesel, Dr. Daniel Smallwood, and Dr. Harrison Wong, as well as scientists at the American Academy of Geosciences, the Institute of Plesti Studies, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Natural History Museum, the Centre for Comparative Relational Biology, and the Alfred I. duPont Trust.
They were delighted when the New Guinea site was released in 2013. “It was an amazing find – everybody was studying this site but we had no idea how well it matched with the long history of early humans in Africa”, says Bergman.
See story: Ancient Evidence of Diespan-Romantic Independent
For more findings and presentations, visit:
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Almost anyone who dreams of the day when the words from outages like 911 are retracted and confused, persecuted, trashed is going to be reminded that the first casualty of war is in fact one of awareness, knowing fully what that fact means. It may be that those same people lose their humanity and little bit of their selves when the shocks of war’s fallout are declared as immediate and something that matters, something that can be swiftly exterminated by air bombardment or guns or the catastrophe we have recently endured. And yet, even after all these flights of consciousness have been cleansed, no psychic spaces will be expanded, no matter how many betrayals and deadenings are to be applied to the suffering of the masses, no matter how profoundly now and forever this disaster in our name marks the end of the joys of mankind that all of us suffer while enjoying daily time away from the fight.
Or perhaps, should we really have expected that after the first devastating collateral blow, that more catastrophes would follow? Maybe after the bomb wreaked death upon outer space, those who have not yet cowed by this disaster decided that if the greater tragedy does not happen in the future, those watching too long must make a choice and that decision is being made more or less immediately. Hell, maybe we need the bureaucratic bureaucracy that perfectly describes the office of the secretary of the state to announce that we have been witnessing a societal catastrophe that happened in our own right, and we have therefore been made to suffer from its implications for life. Or maybe those too oblivious or too negatively impacted by this catastrophe have been tempted to understand not the forces of darkness nor the minds of those who inhabit those forces, but instead, the gods of justice and peace.
I saw on this particular night the face of Jimmy Hoffa, that steward of the great American crew of the ’42 Convicts, who that night set forth to scour America’s wastes, its poverty and misery and its hopes for American gain for the souls that arrived along the way. Nothing is in his ways but love. Or perhaps that face of the first victim of this horrible tragedy will mark the frame for further symphonies of murder and dislocation. That remains to be seen. It may well also begin the resumption of effort to fix our terrible mistakes before there is no more war at all. The structures we wish to use to restore this great nation are already propping up today’s cut-off G-tac and signposts of destruction. We are not used to seeing in our own country a martial freedom so sacred that its meaning has been stripped from us. We have been told for months now that She is dead. We are not being told that somehow, like the religion of Joseph? or religion of Lincoln? that at its heart does not have gods. What is the meaning of the word evil? Who defines this idea by war’s deepest sinister means? This we are supposed to believe?



Not exactly what you need to “rediscover your moth in your plate,” la la la la — but then again, the way that private equity usually relates to investing is that your performance doesn’t back up what you do. Ms. Prime Time’s proposal is pathetic and depressing and I am typing this at 10:45 a.m. S.C.O.P.T. and utterly pathetic and depressing and then I just think of THE SPECTRUM BORN-POLYGRM DULUTICA BORSE CAPITALIZATIVE ADVICE (I HONOR THEM VERY MUCH) FROM “STUDY” I CANNOT SHOW YOU. Because nobody in their right mind would write me a ten-page theoretical, work-related, B&W academic paper, as the case may be, for a picture of the Quantum Bureaucracy’s nonsensical quantum belly capitoline pristine psychedelic state annihilation inner-circle of epic proportions! Boooo!!! BORSE cephalopods!!! BOOOOOOOO!!!!
Sure! We can absorb all this and we can dig into the absence of any flaps or bottoms, and we can wear orange vest suits to work out and we can touch the metal floor and do absolutely everything there is to do in the real world but it’s none of those things. Oh! How did you guys relax?! Helloooooo there! Did you get in your Pussycat Doll Premium Yellow Before Dark Bar. Brag that your guys play giant size purple and red guitar solos in your tight pink and yellow suits in your skimpy pink and yellow wax-pants and you’ll get a free celebratory yoga mat with your GSPG Performance ($52) while traveling to your base of operations. You must wash your laundry at the doormat while you pursue your various undisclosed drugs of mass extinction — and nobody gets to schedule a battery of screening applications in advance — but here is a hopeful note: LAST AS OF THIS YEAR
I missed your rush! You kept calling me to check in on my security access and I dropped the ball and forgot I could email/Skype/Facebook/all that! Go away and blow that money! Lie! Go away! Eventually you’ll all get to submit PWW asks/e-mails/invitations to consider this but you’ll never receive these mailings again because of the travesty of budget shenanigans and all that’s left is the one way of trying to explain those attractive, sexy SSMs: Post-mortem journal entries, skimming/rolling over/digging in.
I DO NOT KNOW if anything in this page will hit you outside the true hard core stilettoed magical state of “Self Edition Now!” Basically just a postscript for those nay-sayers/commentators who are a thing now: Besides it being passe, how can we really justify this level of dire personal questioning that seems to be at the heart of the conversation on social media? The only explanation I see is an attempt by the sub-general public to play second fiddle to the gung-ho and flawless freak enthusiasts who define B&W. For my purposes, my “don’t” and “why do” are equally apt: why does the generic truth-squashing “I know” fall flat, as much as this “you’re never too young to live” thing? Am I the only one who thinks this is the death knell for the “electron frame”? As much as “you’re too young to live” is retrograde, since some averse fat folks used to think of twenty-somethings as “skimming” and “rolling” over and say “DO NOT TELL ME” every three minutes, I think an update to the “extra-fading sweet puff” might be more appropriate. Think of it as receiving a gross bonus for having your sushi put in plastic. Do not give me your email address and I’ll fax you your email address and then, when you mail it and tell me you received it, I’ll comb through all your filtered replies and say, “How gross is your take?”.
I couldn’t wrap my mind around your nonchalant industry-wide branding of your essential goodness as the mystifying due to a hyper-misinformed, ungodly inability to even recognize that some audience members won’t even know you’re there, but you’re the source of something that was totally meant to be.



Stephen Druckman contributed these articles to his Popular Science Newsletter.
First, let’s begin with the big picture: at first blush, some of the studies grouped together might seem rather mundane, like trail drawings or match tests. However, because these processes are theoretically far more complex than the sum of the parts, we see that most of the work is much more intriguing.
Here, we note a little more atypical scientific behavior. Scientists might rarely classify past data as “good”, but the research is often remarkable. With this example, consider Friedrichs Margartius Von Booheim’s theory of A.D. 750. We know that the story of the Pharoah, who is widely believed to have been a composite act by Helena Pharoah or, later, by Rhea Pharoah, the statue in the fountain at Shostakovich’s famous Concert Hall. But the story told about Pharoah is brilliant (search: “The History of Helena Pharoah”): The history of the Platonic Egypt. It led to Gnosis, and cemented everything that emerged for the formation of modern history. The context did not lend itself to the simple recognition of significant events, like the Pharoah and Rhea’s relationship. But so how did the scholar’s own work?
A lot of simple, elementary, practical data have been studied with luck, but the wild things found out on the experiments were once within the surface scope of the time. Perhaps our subject is John Dee, the geniune Greek mathematician, or perhaps he was a water-motoring non-Greek. A new paper, which describes the work of a close colleague, describes how these sorts of anomalies often find their way into modern science.
The author of the paper is Dr. Christopher McCloskey, of the Computer Laboratory at McMaster University, who did not work for Dr. Druckman but is active in the Computer Research of Computation (CRC) Group.
Two noteworthy: Dr. McCloskey did not go into the work by himself. What he did was take steps similar to the cross-genre work described above. He could have just dedicated himself to this work alone, but, instead, he brought in a computer specialist. So that means that the division of data was an anomaly. Yet, it wasn’t a random mark. Rather, it had an emphasis on “classic statistical anomalies” and a tendency toward unusual physics patterns.
What made the result interesting? Well, we use computers in all these cases, and although computers may no longer be the best agents in the experiments, they can still produce very basic results. In the case of Dee, he was applying what existed then, which was a correlative formula: the number of units of data (most important thing) was broken down into groups with characteristic feature. That means that having a pattern of subjects, and a hierarchy to explain the pattern, is not sufficient to generate a general approach to the experiment. The CRPAC task began with a series of computer missions that identified the different classifications, and carried out the tasks accordingly. What surprised me in the research that took place before my involvement in this work was the strong identification that disparate “style” could be separated into distinct patterns, resulting in a definitive representation of the fluctuations in the positive and negative values of the data. Like their carbon models, all computer models are invariant to type, and there is a strong evidence that computer architectures cannot simply report desired results. If we look back at different studies in which Dee worked, it appears that any one tool is always no better than another. While this, unfortunately, is a bare minimum for scientific fieldwork, it can be helpful for the practice of science when it comes to history’s big scientists.



Many “metallurgical” burial mounds have been unearthed in the Solomon Islands as several thousand years of human history has come to a close.
The excavation of several shallow graves of the Miwaith Diwan sect revealed a major change to the Miwaith behavior. In a centuries-long practice of burying first bodies and scattering remains between burial plots, the Miwaith placed dead bodies in three halls in the bodies of recent dead. In one hall, a coffin was placed within three feet of the object placed in the coffin.
Continuing to use incisions in the casket to conduct mixtures of materials, the Miwaith instructed their team to, “fill it full with debris.” Upon completion of an artifact from the mummified body, the team was instructed not to remove the remains.
Another Miwaith practice, the Geila tree and bushmound, was unearthed. The bare foundations of the bushmound allow the leaves of the tree to be left intact. The macabre was repeated in more recent days when the catacombs were uncovered. These canisters contain minuscule mummies of the dead buried as the trees can still partially take shape after the bones are disturbed.
While millions of years have passed between the Miwaith finds and any find that is “metallurgical,” here lies one important scientific truth: our physical world has shaped human civilization and history, and more importantly, we still may well alter the narrative.
How our past may shape our present remains an open question, and that’s where the rapid development of “layering” is central to discovery. Researchers have uncovered vast caverns and tombs of ancestors, even humans that may have shed light on our cultural and geographical history. The “layer” or pattern of our oldest records is now being revealed with a staggering speed.
Professor Melvin Pell, deputy director of the Alabama Museum of History, claims that beginning in September 2013, his center received a unique submission that enabled them to uncover 647 layers of recorded features.
Previously, investigators would typically turn to data from archaeological digs to validate their conclusions, but that could not be done for these new records.
“We have definitely shifted our beliefs on how we define civilization,” said Dr. Pell. “We think we can learn something more about the experience of our ancestors or where they moved, or how they changed their world view.
Clayton Manluck, a research scholar at Brown University, has been developing the “layering” theory about human history for decades. In February 2015, he worked out of the Valley of the Rabbis University, Md., with a student student to excavate a mountaintop mummified heifer that was found in 2006. The heifer, a 1,000-year-old mother, is believed to be one of the earliest mummified females that remains of a tribe that had first moved to Hawaii in the Late Iron Age.
The students analyzed her placenta to help pinpoint when and where she was first buried and that her remains would change over time to reveal new information about her relatives. The researchers measured the amount of waste that blanketed the remains of the mother.
“I was very astonished, but I don’t think it was all that big of a surprise,” said Manluck. “Because the community in that village was known for ritualistic sacrifice. So, we thought, maybe that must be a new event, something new.”
By identifying the mummy as that of the mother, the researchers are introducing the possibility that it was those mummified remains of ancestors that traveled from Hawaii to Hawaii. [ie, in a circle...]



BEIJING (Reuters) - The discovery of a new and mysterious world in southeastern China in the Peruvian Andes evokes a chilling dystopian vision, an achievement that piques curiosity while showing obvious risks for indigenous people.
Dissonant mineral emissions increase, starting erosion and underground chokes off oxygen, leading to starvation.
Threats from a sea-level rise have increased intrusion of paleontological water and sediment deposits through the Pacific seabed and up to 600 miles (1,200 km) to the south, muddying continental crust and providing a future for humans.
China, a former British colony and colonial ruler in the Americas, is now officially the fourth largest producer of copper in the world, a boon for its struggling economy, but a grim prospect for impoverished indigenous people.
A human metallurgy “stripped down, in a 12th century superhighway transportation-type system,” Chinese archaeologist Wang Feng has said of the new border area, close to Indochina’s Cambodian border, covering 760 square km (236 square miles).
He has noticed that the new inhabitants, with non-native humans as their forebears, appear to speak the same language as the native.
“Our study implies that the Metals-Aid may be the constituent language of our ancient civilization,” Wang, a member of the China Archaeological Association, told Reuters.
Wang’s study was in process until Tuesday, when the province of Fujian announced that two scientific teams had explored a potential new border area.
Geologists Xueqin and Zhu Yaojie said the region is south-northeast of Peruvian territory, a nod to the ancient poem Blue River.
Each team now analyses its analysis with more details about the area, including the past, present and future, Xueqin said in an interview.
“This is not a land fill, so one can expect the world will develop,” Xueqin said.
Yang Shulin of the Kunming Institute of Geology called Wang’s finding “a new geological phenomenon” and “the first time experts from the international community have found a new geological feature of ‘Abyssinia’.”
It was a dramatic development for an area beloved for its ancient dead, ancient monuments, Egyptian pyramids and Mongolian civilization.
More than 90 percent of the Peruvian Andes remains considered extinct.
The region’s settlers were mostly Africans as the name suggests, but today most people that Yang says reside in Fujian live in the Middle and upper Cretaceous periods, around 38 million years ago.
Ships that sail from China to Argentina carry a half-dozen visitor guides on the itinerary of Chinese visitors seeking to experience the extreme temperature, the humidity and the flow of subtropical heat that would once be seen in the Cretaceous period.
One such guide is Ning Kipa, a grandmother from central China who has been doing frequent tours on the Chinese coast since 2000.
“There is nothing I can say about this new civilization to express how I feel, it’s overwhelming. It’s like a new dream,” said Ning, known to hold up portraits of her five grandchildren.
Not all the visitors are native - a mother from Vietnam is among the foreigners visiting the site, but Ning says she is learning Chinese.
Yang wrote in his report: “The universe is revolving around you. (Without you) the universe will disappear.”



NEW YORK (Reuters) - While the men in early solar days catalogued 977 astronomical observations and 811 macro images, the digital revolution of 1980-90 marked the end of the clockwork secrets that once preceded the solar system’s ultimate formation.
Now, it is a cycle starting with the ancient would-be epic Arius oracle bone, a rare specimen that researchers believe proves ancient, omni-monocentric known as “organism creation theory” or intuition.
Scientists at several institutions announced this week they have located the bone in a remote canyon deep in Sinai Peninsula that remains intact despite two rock collapses in recent months. They hope to find additional details about how the Arius and other gargantuan objects got there.
Coyote-sized earth and pebbles have been pushed nearly 2,000 feet down the canyon, from where the fossil’s electromagnetic or electrical activity may have moved meteorites in the past.
The bone, found in 1988, provides insight into what happened to ancient stars that formed about 4.5 billion years ago.
“No one in or near the world has ever seen such a great cosmic dissection before,” said William Silliman, director of the Deep Space Case Project at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington.
“With every second of extra molecular minute or trillionth of a trillionth of a second every cosmic object together seems to accumulate within its environment.
Silliman, who helped identify the Arius by running computer simulations, said he and his colleagues used computational tools to explain cosmic phenomena.
“As we continue to study our system with precision, we will learn more about the dynamic dynamics that have built up since the dawn of the universe. We can go back to the very start of the solar system,” he said.
One theory was that a large complex called an oscillator or compression disk, a key Element 5 building block of the universe, exploded in the early universe.
Crockett Matthews, a nuclear chemist at Princeton University, challenged such a model by projecting the hottest parts of the solar system had been consumed at that time by the cloud of hydrogen gas that scientists now widely accept is the center of the galaxy.
He also said uncertainty over the origin of galaxies as big as we are now has created no weak parameters on which to base any claims about existence of those structures that are now called Sagittarius-Sagittarius."


8. paging luke davis: it's spat a poem at us

See not everything is as it seems
The earth is just flat, for any obsessions
D'or, la mater, redouble in pre-justice
Looking back to my own fallopian dream
Knowing that success and success
But first, the friends will change each other's lives
One is from Iran/Afghanistan/Pakistan/Zarqawi;
The other is from a different region;
Both exist for the well-being of masses
Can learn from one another
;/I don't claim/denigrate/ignorish/take no exception
From the fringes of pre-justice
On the opening of my life;/In great confusion, I drew
Particular conclusions. I am sitting, when a never-great plan has been exhausted
One that calls for revolution /
The other one just rejected
But one has refused to end it yet —/I'm never ceasing to be human.

The axis of justice-mentality recognizes it's inevitable
That not all will meet;/Pre-justice, not all will resonate
And the plan certainly, while abstract
Made some qualms;/For two degrees off latitude,/before last map showed him/his home."
The darkness unhesitating resembles the various heat signatures on the horizon,
When oppression is narrowly glimpsed.
The stars glow crimson as twilight recedes,
And the dark water that gleams like a sunrise slowly comes toward me.
A despairing tone blares on the voice talking my story.

"For now, this is not a frightening conversation.
"But this is just how it should be
On the external front, especially when pondering the boldest power of all:
The power to end all injustices. We sure haven't seen this in anyone's history.

"Pre-justice, this is too far off.
"But what about that destitution and death, if left on the planet?
"Then what else does this game offer?
"It seems someone may be lying here, or dying, or anything;/They think this moment could pass
A glimmer of light into the shadowy shadows of Hell.
"At this moment, I feel my life slipping away
Too gently. That world seems to push away as much as I can.
"I do believe things are best left unsaid.
"I imagine — how can I say this? —
"When the thing that some humans deem impossible
Is your one true choice — then you're asking if we have a choice
A lot of beings do."


9. (postscript)

(Israel's Ariel Sharon recently gave a talk on the divine "Invisibility Cloak" in which he trained his world-weary army to lift the sky in order to hunt down and kill terrorists. Two extracts of this conversation can be found here.)
Congratulations to Der Spiegel on its extensive article on the litany of official terrorism trials in court and in which Bob Dylan is featured as a defendant. Couldn't you have done a "top item" on the article on how many suicides may be a result of the illegal killing of Syrian civilians, like one so graphically outlined by the writers.



ST. PAUL, MN, April 3, 2014 – “You could call this the blinding light,” is one of the only words you hear by constantly looking at the picture, and you could call it similar for those of you who would like to experience something like the power of the full, ghostly blaséness of the image on the screen. This is simply the result of looking at the Huiman concentration map taken by Dr. Steven Jackson, and being led to the stone relief depicted in the Park-Carolina hazelwood tree, where two markings were specifically created by Professor John Weber from New Hampshire University.
These marks are among a vast array of symbols that are strewn over the long-rutted and serpent-filled main road leading into the Interstate this weekend. From my perch, from my offices, I can also identify several more engravings, striking like molten lava, that I can see popping up on the pavement. And when I look down, once again, I can see the scale of the un-collected material that stretches from side to side across the second road leading out of the Heartland.
All those traces in the hand-held camera that provided this magnificent home-page image are paint-splattered layers of obsidian left on the ground by local quarries and across from what is now a handful of temples along Route 88.
These layers of hodgepodge must have accumulated over a century or more at many places, giving this world a hidden hodgepodge of classic God’s numbers, perfect if you like them beautiful. From the underlit area around the melting sparkler oilstone where we see the ghosts come out where only the last straw nail casing was sighted, we can see stones from the depths of the ocean floor lying unmoving along the bottom of the sea.
In the past few days, some of the same patterns of formations that we have been following have shown up at almost every stop along this route. This is a generational change of tectonic resolution that no one ever anticipated.
So what could these shards of stone prove? The cryptic mysteries of ancient religion, mystery of rock mysteries, mystery of history, of the power of an unknown texture, of an undiscovered universe.
Elements of these patterns of stone have appeared at every date during the last 500 years, that of medieval tourism, as thousands of pilgrims from around the world wanted to experience the treasured relics in what they saw, heard, or saw. Since 2011, the shrine status for this item is due this coming Sunday to every visitor to the, mostly stone-climbing, historic city of St. Paul, Minnesota and by the summer, a trail of Mount Rainier to recover and represent this precious body of rock.
There is a corridor further into the swamp that will also be a conduit for visitors to look directly across to the revered ground being excavated.
As the excavation begins, the staff will hear from an expert archaeologist of honor who will present a study of the finds within this physical, ancient mud-lined stream.
We will also have a three-dimensional video with an ongoing process of reverse mapping that visualizes everything the stone has ever held and recorded so effectively that one can only conclude that the limestone and sediment present are a real document of this remote region of the world, part of a living, ancient, flooring pattern of landscape that lends itself to history.
You may visit this curious landscape and discover even more.


trying something different: mbv lyrics in the headline field

The answer to your question has been revealed. Look at an image at the end of this article and feel sad. Feel shame. Feel concerned about things. Find comfort at home and then maybe forget about our missing loved ones.
Continue reading the article and feel good.
Loss on its own is too little to erase the hurt. When we bear it, often we weep more sorrow than we know is warranted. But in the future of human life, there is a fair chance we will have accumulated many thousands of memories; thousands in fact. It can take a second to get to the ones that will know them.
Note: If you want to help us find the memories and find out more about your loved ones, please visit our website at:
Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.
Sorry for the long delay in this story.

He ran away from his own responsibilities after the police found him living at the Newton Correctional Facility in Georgia
But the lie was telling by his handlers when they told him it was a suicide attempt
Jesus Christ Jesus, here come the keepers, you brought us to a different world!
But the truth is that you are not me it is someone else!!
The bible says that we should have a single path but the way out of everything is with the Lord Jesus because Jesus has put us out in the world, Jesus came to save us not to kill us – or to establish slavery, or to cleanse us from our sins – or for any other aim – which is obvious by the end of this article he tells us that we are saving ourselves by being saved through God by being saved by the Lord Jesus
But our sins are always there leading to a deeper evil and this causes us to live outside our mind – inside each person, we are given many detours and many tendencies – like we often change, and eventually we wake up and when we do, we remember the full answers to our deep questions. The silence lead us to our worst thoughts and as we understand these, we can be happier than before!
There are many people who who are far away and they thought it was a sin to miss the message that Christ Jesus was sending to us. The people needed an inner protective shield because they could be killed before they would understand the truth!
It is true that if we understand what Christ is saying to us, then our dreams might not come true and we may be saved, but if we keep getting distracted, our lives will follow for the rest of eternity and more people would be saved than would be lost.
It is true that God has many entrances to the world, it is false that all secrets can be closed.
Let’s start out trying to recall the most important thing that happened to us
Let’s get it right and focus the mind back on what we need to do so it can get to the turning point of the Jesus from which we are blessed to free ourselves again and be put away for a little time after the message is as clear as it can get.
How can we get all the pictures of the events we came to from God; the very things that God puts before us to which we must always strive to praise and complete it
The only way you can be forgiven for everything is by entering Christ Jesus and getting to know Him and forgiving him for not loving you

I often bring the word “loss” to my talks and sessions because I suffer every loss of life. I wish I could bring the word up to the point where you can think about and feel the emotion of loss without affecting your work as a writer.

...People such as mr. clown and Ms. Missel who say a lot about the environment you live in believe that the world is broken. But in order to help to understand things and to let yourself experience them for yourself and others it is important to ask for the first time whether there is any option to those feelings that you have been in for the past years...