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there's lots of them here, we watch them playing in the trees as they chase each other, leaping from branch to branch like circus trapeze artists. amazing balance, grace and speed. I've also seen them walk along the roof gutter of the building behind us and crawl inside into the roof, been meaning to mention that the owner. having squirrels in your roof, attic or walls isn't fun. especially if one happens to die in there, smells lovely.


squirrel on the fire escape yesterday. cheeky little fucker climbs up and suns himself on the outside window ledge, in full knowledge that the cats are on the other side of the glass indoors and unable to get him. he'll ever take a crap on the ledge sometimes, gets up and there are a few little pellets on it.
Isn't it true that - as the terminal velocity they reach when falling is survivable - squirrels can theoretically fall safely from any hight?