ive written so many harry styles poems recently. all these american girls touring the country going to every show.
Harry Styles’
Appeal transcends
The point
At which propriety ends

My body bends
Distending while
He shifts above
With lacquered smile


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i enjoy glasto. on tv. but ive never been and never will. its always fun to see entire bbc specials dedicated to stormzy headlining and hear him getting emotional about that crappy banksy design he was given. most interested to see what herbie hancock and kendrick will do this year.
Video in a work group chat of one of the lads & missus clearly off their barnet today- tlc on some stage or another - echoey trap in the background


Felt proud of them, it was so fucking early


Bamber Clatscoigne
Aye, TLC were on after Sleaford mods on West Holt's. Rain has stopped now. Must find echoey trap.


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so how's the traffic getting to and from the festival? is there mass transit (maybe it's on strike anyway). I remember going to an early Lollapalooza and it was a major pain in the ass. the chili peppers were headlining and we didn't even stick around, left at the end of Ministry's set.

that was also the year nick cave and Jesus and Mary chain had their sets in the middle of the afternoon, kinda weird seeing that type of stuff in the 2:00 pm bright sunshine. the best act was Ice Cube, fire with that massive soundsystem pumping out his backing beats. and few paid attention to Rage Against the Machine on one of the side stages.


Bamber Clatscoigne
Traffic was non existent, the crowd springs from the earth, reincarnated year after year from lost clipper lighters and bumswarfed wet wipes.

Spotted the tIKtOk trainspotter lad earlier, he was clad in linen