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Cats (as a rule) clear up after themselves when they go for a shit, which is a huuuuge plus point in their favour.

One of the best things Lovecraft ever wrote is this actually pretty funny essay on why dogs are shit and cats are awesome:

(BTW I'm not wholly anti-dog - I know some of them have great personalities and are loads of fun and so on - but I wouldn't want one myself, and unfortunately there are some really bad dog owners out there. I mean bad for their pets' own welfare and bad for other people who have to put up endless nocturnal barking, aggressive behaviour and rank stinking shit all over the fucking place.)

Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Cats are funny because they act as if they're superior beings but are in fact endearingly stupid.



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They have a dignity that dogs don't have, but of course the dignity is constantly pulled from under them like the table cloth in a farce.


I'm semi-trolling. Cats are alright - apart from smothering newborn babies to death in their cots, to eliminate competition for resources. And their contributions to witchcraft.

You're right though - don't own a dog if you can't handle LOTS of shit. A big noxious, wormy, wet mound of shit.


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Dog owner to be here! I’m getting a puppy in the spring and it will be my very first dog ever. What Flea and Tick prevention products do you guys recommend. I don’t have any experience with anything on the market. I surfed through Pet Express but still need your advice
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Who's puppy? Was it a sexy senorita on the street? She's standing there, sobbing, totally distraught, dogs lying there, fucked, stiff as a board