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You've ripped your shirt off like a lifeguard on santa monica beach, mouth to mouth, pumping at the poor little things chest


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Who's puppy? Was it a sexy senorita on the street? She's standing there, sobbing, totally distraught, dogs lying there, fucked, stiff as a board

That’s what I’m telling Cathy. Need to segue unto me then fist fighting 15 Chechen cage fighters and winning.


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Mic drop.

Roll titles.

Ironic debating the attributes of species humans helped create. Dogs are as sound as their socialisation. Not news, I know. Our old dog liked nothing more than jumping in the wagon, heading to local locations & exploring (on a lead). Cunt could go all day. Pub landlady at one isolated gaff would serve him pork rinds while we chowed down. You can’t take a cat out like this. It’ll mince around, act offended at the very notion, but then eat all your local bird life.

When I see Michael Gove I see a cat.
I hate the dog v cat debate and the whole thing of pet as accessory and extension of personality. I love them and respect them all except for mosquitos and horse flies.


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Horse flies are the epitome of cunts. If cats can be trained to take them all out, I’ll concede that cats are cool, anti-cunt heroes. Nimble, agile, flexible, good at ambushes, alpha candidates ripe for cat special forces.

Instead of WWI epitaphs, there should be a few for the brave cats that served in this war. Or is that taking things too far.


Yesterday I saw a guy taking his dog for a walk from our balcony. He took it off the lead and gave the lead to the dog to play with... it attacked it quite viciously for about five minutes, pouncing on it, seizing it and shaking it violently. I like to think it was taking a kind of revenge. A bit like our cats in fact, we have this bottle with a spray top for watering plants (I suppose) but we just use it for spraying them when they try and eat our food or whatever... sometimes when we're not using it and it's just lying there unguarded they creep up and investigate their perceived enemy, try out a few swipes to the head.


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I adore animals and especially dogs. I have a Samoyed dog (her name is Katie). She saved me from boredom during the lockdown. We walked together, played games, prepared food. She became ill and lost her appetite. On Pet Pharmacy I read that it may be he lacks the vitamins she needs so you need to feed her a variety of foods and give treats. We also started walking more in the yard and after that she got better. How happy I am that I have a dog!
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