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I really enjoyed a triple hit of weed, whisky and pipe tobacco during my most recent acid trip, but this was some time after the peak had passed. I think it's crucial to go into a trip without a fuzzy head, whether from weed or booze. I once took some Hawai'ian baby woodrose seeds (which contain compounds related to LSD) while already tired and a bit drunk after a night out, like some sort of total imbecile, and had one of only two genuinely bad trips I've ever had.

Mild to moderate poppy buzz this evening. It's a good high when you still have to keep your wits about you as it's not actually impairing unless you do a silly amount of it.


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I appeared to really be on a roll at the start of this thread.

Bodes well for my latest futile attempt to quit weed. :D:D:eek::(


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Going to buy a six pack tonight and then try and go clean and pure for a bit. Hopefully. If no cunt derails like they usually do.


Really trying not to drink at home at the mo... was drinking every day before Christmas - wine while cooking, beer while watching footie, wine during dinner etc etc - I was getting fat.