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Im here, not tried them yet, dried them out and then my friend pinged me to say he had a bottle of tincture that hes sending me, so im gonna wait for that


Just found out this thing about a guy we know; every time he buys ecstasy he buys one more pill than he needs and - get this - he has a collection in little boxes with glass lids. Each box displaying a pill on a little cotton bed. Every pill he's taken like a butterfly collection.

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one thing years of self-reflecting in altered states has taught me is that the distinction between being brave and being stupid is extremely fuzzy
Yeah, a sort of willingness to abdicate agency and submit yourself to forces that may be to your benefit or detriment. The spirits. I suspect it largely depends on the respect you have for them.


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Been at home with my parents for three weeks, heading into the fourth, so I've basically been stone cold sober for almost a month.

Shit isn't it?


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it depends. what about your energy? what about your quality of sleep? what about your clarity? what about the look of your skin?

i wish i had been sober for three weeks.


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Luka's third favourite word after 'banter' and 'geezer',
3. Punnet

The word is largely confined to Commonwealth countries (but not Canada) and is of uncertain origin, but is thought to be a diminutive of 'pun,' a British dialect word for pound, from the days in which such containers were used as a unit of measurement. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, parenthetically in its entry for geneticist R. C. Punnett (1875–1967), credits "a strawberry growing ancestor [who] devised the wooden basket known as a 'punnet.'"


in je ogen waait de wind
i went on a blind date the other day and upon opening the door of her flat the girl told me right away that she took some xanax. i found it a bit odd but didn't want to be too judgemental. so we go inside her flat and within ten minutes she asks if i want some coke. another ten minutes later she says she's gonna take some mdma and if i wanted a bit as well. it was so weird, i only took a little bit of coke and refused the rest. then all sorts of strangers started ringing her doorbell and she says "ah yea i sell some stuff every now and then as well" and all sorts of weirdos and freaks pass by and i started sweating and smoking one cigarette after the other until i just had to leave and said "yeh maybe let's meet for a coffee once" and then left and never got back to her again.

and that whole situation put me off drugs somehow. it was all so dark and pointless.