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Not like Corpsey, man of the people, worked his way up from paste anonymity to write for The Wire, which is the Guardian of music magazines.


bandz ahoy
Bearing in mind that as stated I'm thick and lazy, I can't help but see all these arguments over grade inflation etc. as a bit beside the point given that (as I understand it) the planet is about to go absolutely Titanic in the next decade or so?

All education should be rerouted towards the production of clean energy and/or memorising the Unabomber's manifesto IMO.
Was reading Phillipe Auclair's piece on English football being sponsored through quasi-legal "pan-asian" betting firms this morning and it probably belongs in here even if it's not strictly educated English writers liking football. Phillipe is French to start

The crypto industry is another surrogate front starting to be used in the same way

Nice work if you can get it.

A follow up piece
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The pitch was waterlogged. Great puddles lay across it, shimmering beneath the floodlights. The rain kept on falling, remorseless as if Hemingway himself had written it. Twenty-one footballers struggled to stay upright. The other one was Adam Boyd. He not only kept his footing, he waltzed across the sodden surface. He struck a hat-trick, each goal better than the last. For the third, Boyd collected a pass on the edge of the Owls’ penalty area, drifted to the right, stopped dead to send the pursuing Wednesday full-back splashing. He faked to shoot and watched another opponent slide past engulfed in spray. He looked up then, and seeing David Lucas marginally off his line, toe-ended a chip so delicate it ran down the back netting of the goal soundlessly, soft as a playboy’s fingers along a showgirl’s spine.



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Jonathan Liew seems to be evolving from a frothy Barney Ronnie impersonator into something more caustic, critical and contrary.