I've had iPhones for years and have never used Siri, and never had the slightest interest in Alexa, etc. What's the benefit of surrendering all this personal information just to be able to say "Alexa, play 'Heaven's in the Backseat of My Cadillac' " versus just getting the record off the shelf or playing it on YouTube?
i am so fed up with mouse and keyboard though, aching and twisted, all the tendons and muscles developing knots and weird shapes from contorting around these weird shaped devices,constantly tangled in cables and frizzing from bluetooth, multiple bands of GHz wifi and phone snignals, always at the mercy of bandwidth, battery, reception, capacity,

crappy devices, even the slickest are like seamless cartoon computers, so i feel like they are just provisional, temporary, it's easy to imagine how shit this tech will look in retrospect - like primitive torture devices


and i guess some people can enjoy issuing commands to the computer by voice,
and it should be simple to configure a device that you can trust not to spy on you
i think it's good to talk to yr computer like its a dog


Cat Malogen
Fetch is one of the Covid pandemic’s enhanced command prompts, irony is every few years the Daily Mail or suchlike will run a hate campaign on couriers by red faced gimps demanding to know why their parcel was late

“So and so are cunts. They left my mountain bike with a neighbour while we were out and I had to carry it home across the road myself in felt slippers, please sack the driver immediately or face immediately legal action”, see Ken Loach