The new James Bond is a black woman


Is this really true? Or is it gonna be that there is a new agent 007 who isn't Bond but is a black woman? I don't really understand what's happening but at least some places seem to be reporting it as James Bond becoming a black woman... if so, then that would be great in that it will absolutely boil the piss of a load of people who need to be annoyed, I don't even know if it will work for the film series or whether I'd watch it but presumably the kinda people who got annoyed about Dr Who becoming a woman will be apoplectic.


That's how I understood it from the quote I read... seems a bit like having their cake and eating it. They're able to announce that 007 is a black woman... but Bond is still Daniel Craig who will no doubt do the actual world-saving... possibly pausing to bend the new 007 over M's desk and give her a damn good rogering for England.
Some people seem to think that we're gonna be getting Jane Bond or whatever though but I reckon you're right, that's a misreading of (an admittedly fairly ambiguous) headline.


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Where the new Bonds went wrong is they tried to get back to the old Bond as a loveable rogue thing when 'Casino Royale' was about him being a proper cunt, like the first James Bond book is.

'Spectre' was the pits.


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I like the bit at the start of the original Casino Royale where David Niven as Bond complains about the "womanising thug" they've replaced him with since his retirement.