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I really can't stand music like this and kinda assumed that all of our lot did so it's good to read the other side of the argument here.

There's something about tunes like that Christine and xcx tune that seem to me to work against rather than with, the human body. Their blockiness and crashing highs demands submission. I imagine huge crowds standing with phones recording the spectacle as the lasers flash on stage. No one really dancing

I think there could be an interesting aesthetic split here between music that works with the rhythms of the body and music that seeks to override them.

Not to say that the latter is always Dramatic, of course. But the modern shift to The Dramatic often does have that element for me.


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I used to think it was the root of tons of stuff, but nowadays I think it's more likely it was just an early example of people heading in that direction and a wave was coming rather than everyone taking cues from that particular record.