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cooking and eating are two great pleasures in life.



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Consider the home where we feel most secure. It has a bedroom and a dining room with solid impenetrable barriers separating the two. I believe there is a good reason for this.

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This might seem like heresy, but I
There must be a video on YT somewhere of Nigella Lawson eating cream-covered strawberries while making doe eyes at the camera, in excruciating slow-mo and close-up, for a few hours straight. Let me have a quick look...

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I've made a big pan of leek and potato soup. It's very tasty but it looks even more stereotypically vomit-like than most vomit does.

@woops would you like me to post a photo?


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Breakfast: marmite on toast, coffee with turmeric and cardamon

Lunch: three pieces of "hot one" pizza left over from weekend

Dinner: yesterday's roast, reheated, with steamed sprouts.